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Goodnight Mind for Teens

Goodnight Mind for Teens
Skills to Help You Quiet Noisy Thoughts and Get the Sleep You Need




The Instant Help Solutions Series


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ISBN: 9781684034383
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About the Book

Turn off the light. Turn off your phone. Turn off anxious thoughts.

Do you have trouble getting to sleep at night? You aren’t alone. There are so many reasons teens today have a difficult time going to sleep—including early school start times, too much late-night screen time, or just being anxious about what the future holds. You are at an important crossroads in your life, so it’s natural to feel overwhelmed at times. But it’s essential that you get the sleep you need. This book can help.

Written by a renowned sleep expert, Goodnight Mind for Teens offers tips based in proven-effective cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you get your zzzs and be your best during the daytime. You’ll learn how to set your own ideal sleep schedule, overcome sleep lag, cope with sleep anxiety, and manage the anxious, over-stimulating thoughts and worries that are keeping you up at night.

If you’re ready to start feeling better, less cranky during the day, and more at ease at bedtime, this book has everything you need to… zzzz…



Colleen E. Carney, PhD, is associate professor and director of the Sleep and Depression Laboratory at Ryerson University in Toronto, ON, Canada. She was a National Sleep Foundation Pickwick Fellow at Duke University Medical Center, where she was on... Read more

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“Sleep is key to good health; this comprehensive resource helps teens take control of their sleep problems.”
Kirkus Reviews


“Colleen Carney has taken the complex field of adolescent sleep and circadian science research, and crafted its most supported findings into an easy-to-read book filled with useful information that can be quickly learned and utilized to improve sleep health. The use of case studies, hands-on activities, and step-by-step instructions make this book an excellent resource for teens, parents, and providers to help address many of the sleep problems and related obstacles that are unique to today’s teens.”
Allison K. Wilkerson, PhD, licensed psychologist, and assistant professor at Medical University of South Carolina

“Sleep affects everyone across the age range, but each age group has their own unique sleep difficulties. Colleen Carney has put together the ideal book for teens and their families, physicians, and support network to understand, identify, and address the idiosyncrasies of teen sleep. Many teens and their families can benefit from this book, which lays out a clear plan and offers evidence-based tips any teen can follow to improve their sleep.”
Katherine Marczyk Organek, PhD, pediatric sleep psychologist at Cook Children’s Medical Center

“Teens are sadly not exempt from sleep problems, and insomnia is an ever-growing issue in this population. Colleen Carney’s book is a valuable resource for adolescents and their parents, helping all members at home achieve a better night’s sleep. A practical, straightforward, and scientifically backed approach to targeting insomnia, Goodnight Mind for Teens will also be of great use to the vast majority of teachers, therapists, and pediatricians who work with this population. Good sleep habits should be taught early on, and Carney’s book lays a fantastic groundwork for a lifetime of healthy sleep.”
Shelby F. Harris, PsyD, author of The Women’s Guide to Overcoming Insomnia, and clinical associate professor of neurology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine

“This engaging book is a must-read for teenagers who have difficulty sleeping. Problems with sleep during the teenage years are common, and can lead to difficulties with learning, attention, memory, and many other daytime consequences. Colleen Carney speaks directly to teens with her succinct writing style and clear approach to managing insomnia. The book includes education about sleep and evidence-based treatment suggestions, as well as clear summaries and ‘plans for the week’ in every chapter. Teenagers, parents, and anyone who works with teens will benefit from reading this book, which will empower teens to improve their own sleep.”
Shelly Weiss, MD, FRCPC, pediatric neurologist, professor, and faculty of medicine at the University of Toronto; author of Better Sleep for Your Baby and Child; and past president of the Canadian Sleep Society

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