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The Gratitude Prescription

The Gratitude Prescription
Harnessing the Power of Thankfulness for Healing and Happiness





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ISBN: 9781684032020
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About the Book

Gratitude is more than just a virtue—it’s a gift we give to ourselves. Written by a spiritual teacher and brain tumor survivor, The Gratitude Prescription will help you discover love, happiness, and peace of mind everywhere you look.

Painful experiences are an inevitable part of life. Traumatic events, the deaths of people we love, physical and mental illnesses—we all face challenges and loss in our personal lives that cause us pain, grief, and sorrow. But what if we could learn to see life as a gift, regardless of our circumstances? The Gratitude Prescription will show you how to transform your struggles and suffering, and learn to cultivate unconditional thankfulness, no matter what happens.

If anyone knows about cultivating gratitude in the face of great difficulty, it’s author, mentor, and spiritual teacher Will Pye. In 2011, Pye was diagnosed with a potentially terminal brain tumor, By learning to find a way to be thankful for his circumstances and developing his own practice of “radical gratitude”—thankfulness and appreciation for everything, without preference—he transformed his personal story and is now working to proliferate unconditional thankfulness around the world.

With this heartfelt guide—filled with easy-to-follow meditations, affirmations, and exercises to help you find love, happiness, and peace in any moment—you’ll discover the positively transformative powers of gratitude: how it can bring more presence, resilience, and vibrancy into your life. You’ll also learn to be grateful for your unique talents and creativity, and how to activate this outlook in the face of despair, distress, and unfortunate circumstances. Finally, you’ll see how being unconditionally thankful reveals our interconnectedness and uplifts us all.


Will Pye (Author)
Will Pye is a visionary entrepreneur, transformational coach, speaker, and spiritual teacher. In his early twenties, Will embarked on an intense quest exploring human potential and the nature of reality in order to overcome his own suicidal... Read more

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“In this remarkable book, Will Pye shows us the radical, transformative power of real gratitude. Moving far beyond clichéd ‘smell the roses’ advice, he draws on his experiences with brain cancer to reveal the healing, inspiration, and love in thankfulness in even the worst possible situations. Grounded in scientific research and offering both practical suggestions and effective meditations, these pages are full of Will’s honest, encouraging, and warmhearted voice. A lovely, important book.”
Rick Hanson, PhD, author of Just One Thing and Resilient

“Copious scientific evidence links gratitude to greater happiness, as well as mental and physical health. But the ‘how’ of milking gratitude for its medicinal properties is often vague. Fortunately, The Gratitude Prescription is just what the doctor ordered. Overflowing with practical, actionable gratitude practices, those who want to optimize their thankfulness for the purposes of healing and happiness can now follow their intuition in choosing among the many tools this book offers. How do we know if we can trust this guidance? Because Will Pye writes from direct experience. As a man who found a way to be grateful for even his brain tumor as part of his journey to cure, you can bet there’s no better teacher of radical gratitude.”
Lissa Rankin, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine and The Daily Flame

“As always with Will Pye’s work, The Gratitude Prescription starts with a simple but powerful premise before taking the reader on a ride deep into what it means to a human being who is alive, whole, and transformed.”
Nick Jankel, founder of the transformation company Switch On, and author of Spiritual Atheist

“In this extraordinary book, Will Pye guides readers through a rich journey of deep healing and transformation. Simple yet impactful exercises illuminate the power of gratitude both for well-being and for supporting realization of your inherent unity consciousness. Along with Will’s inspiring story and life-changing insights, his book paves the way for readers to directly experience their innate happiness and what it means to be and live fully alive.”
Carole Griggs, PhD, author of Space to See Reality, cofounder of iConscious™, and professor of conscious human development at John F. Kennedy University

The Gratitude Prescription is an exquisite blend of scientific and spiritual truths, inspiring readers to explore for themselves the practical wisdom of radical gratitude. Truly a timely and much-needed resource.”
Linda Graham, MFT, author of Bouncing Back and Resilience

“What does it mean to be fully human? This is the question that Will Pye’s brilliant new book explores. His own experiences with a brain tumor, and the profound mystical states it enables him to access, are presented here, but in a manner that allows us to follow along. Deeply experiential in its orientation, Will doesn’t ask us to take anything he says on faith. Instead he guides us through exercises and meditations designed to show us a deeper view of ourselves and our world—for ourselves. Bolstered by cutting-edge brain science, developmental psychology, and physics, even skeptics will come to understand why gratitude and love are what Will’s long and profound journey have left him holding, as the two greatest ways we can live as human beings.”
Keith Martin-Smith, award-winning author of A Heart Blown Open and Only Everything

“Resting on a foundation of gratitude, Will Pye beckons us back home to who we really are at our essence—being, breath, and awareness. Who we are is so much bigger than any experience we have or circumstance we find ourselves in. Will helps us reconnect to the profound simplicity of our being—to the Love that we are—and find everything we need to navigate the ups and downs of this journey called Life. Thank you, Will Pye.”
Alan Seale, director of the Center for Transformational Presence, and author of Transformational Presence

“Will Pye’s message is so simple, but it is also uncompromising and strong: See what happens if you are grateful…for everything. Really? Yep! The whole bittersweet journey. Love it all. After reading this beautiful book it feels the natural thing to do, and that’s a life-changing realization.”
Tim Freke, best-selling author of Deep Awake and Soul Story

“Admittedly, before reading The Gratitude Prescription, I viewed gratitude as a bit of a platitude: nice, uplifting, easy to access on a sunny day, but ultimately unable to do much of the ‘heavy lifting’ required for true growth, healing, and maturation. Admittedly, I was dead wrong.

Now, thanks to Pye’s beautiful and accessible writing, broad research, and raw-honest shares, I can’t help but see gratitude as one of humanity’s most profound and essential gifts: a skeleton key that simultaneously unlocks physical vitality, emotional resilience, and cognitive flexibility; a golden thread that weaves together our existential needs for connection, contribution, and meaning; as well as a lightning rod that allows us to join heaven and earth in our day-to-day activities.

For those of you interested in fully embracing this life you’ve been given, this book is must-have in your quiver of core wisdom teachings. Thank you, Will Pye!”
Austin Hill Shaw, author of The Shoreline of Wonder, and creator of The Core Needs Design Method

“This book offers a deceptively simple prescription that has the power to transform and heal our body, mind, and world, as well as awaken us to the undivided love that we are. The Gratitude Prescription goes to the heart of the truth that all is well, and shows us how a simple ‘thank you’ releases the resistance that causes all suffering. Using powerful examples from his own experience with practicing gratitude, as well as many experiential exercises, Will Pye takes us on a journey into the alchemical power of gratitude. This simple prescription is all you will ever need.”
Lynn Marie Lumiere, author of Awakened Relating

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