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The Grit Guide for Teens Supplement

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What Parents and Teachers Can Do to Increase Grit

In The Grit Guide, teens will learn a new mind-set and behavioral strategies to help them become grittier (that is, better able to persist in meeting goals that are important to them and to overcome the challenges along the way). As important as it is for teens to examine themselves, it is equally important that they be surrounded by people who support them, because grit is a team effort. 

That’s where you come in.

In this supplement, you will learn how to create a culture and community of grit by giving the teens in your life the structured support they need to grow their grit into greatness. In my work as a psychologist and educator, and as the parent of two teenagers, I have learned that what we do has a tremendous impact on those around us. Even the smallest act of kindness creates profound, long-lasting ripple effects. I encourage you to be a part of creating and sustaining a recursive circle of passion, perseverance, and purpose (the key ingredients to grit).