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In Harm's Way

In Harm's Way
Help for the Wives of Military Men, Police, EMTs, and Firefighters




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About the Book

Millions of American women live each day with a troubling question in the backs of their minds: Will my partner come home today? It's a fact of life when the individual with whom they share their lives is in the military, the police or fire department, or any other dangerous profession. Of course, these women carry on normal day-to-day lives, pursuing their own careers and raising their families. But the constant knowledge that the worst could happen at any time can cause them considerable emotional pain and certainly raises significant practical concerns about how to think about and plan for the rest of their lives. For every woman in this situation, this book is a much-needed source of information, comfort, and support.

The book opens with chapter-length discussions of how you can cope with the fear, anger, and loneliness you feel related to your partner's high-risk profession. It gives practical advice for dealing with each emotion separately. Next, the book takes up the practical aspects of life partnered with a man in a high-risk profession. These chapters deal with issues like sex and sexual deprivation, role overload, self-care, and children's fears and concerns. The book closes with a chapter about coping with your partner's return from a dangerous assignment. Whether your loved one has been away for an extended period of time or comes home every day depressed and exhausted, this chapter offers you ways to help yourself and your mate deal with emotional problems related to balancing high-risk work with family life.


Aphrodite T. Matsakis, PhD, is an internationally recognized expert in trauma and the author of several books dealing with traumatic reactions, including I Can't Get Over It!, Trust After Trauma, The Rape Recovery Handbook, and... Read more

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