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Helping Your Angry Child

Helping Your Angry Child
A Workbook for You and Your Family




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About the Book

Helping Your Angry Child, written by three leading anger researchers, is an interactive, self-help workbook written for you, the parent, with real-world solutions for helping your child deal with anger and rage. Based on over ten years of clinical study and experience, the authors learned that when a child exresses anger, most likely the parent takes it personally and gets caught in negative reactions.

This new book teaches essential skills that will put you safely back in your parental role, helping you and your child cope with anger in healthy ways. Included are many interactive worksheets that will help the entire family by practicing these new skills feel closer and more unified. You will learn how to:

  • Teach your child anger-management skills
  • Relate to others within the family when strong emotions arise
  • Understand, recognize, label, and deal with the anger a child expresses
  • Listen without reacting to a child’s anger, and
  • Always be prepared to be a good parent


Darlyne Gaynor Nemeth, PhD, has been a pioneer in the area of clinical neuropsychology for more than twenty years. She currently is in practice at The Neuropsychology Center of Louisiana at the Drusilla Clinic in Baton Rouge, LA, where she... Read more

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“When parents can process their anger and talk respectfully about strong feelings, they set a powerful, positive example for their young children. This new workbook gives parents (and teachers) many useful anger-management exercises for relating to both their young children’s anger and frustration as well as techniques for helping their children learn how to handle angry feelings. Any parent whose child struggles with anger should get this book.”
–Matthew McKay, Ph.D., author, When Anger Hurts and When Anger Hurts Your Kids

“In this inviting text, based on sound principals of developmental psychology, and clinical experience, the authors have accomplished making the often-dreaded task of anger management in children easier, even playful. I highly recommend this practical guide to parents, teachers counselors, and their young charges.”
—Susanne M. Jensen, Ph.D., clinical psychologist, Baton Rouge, LA

“The contents of this workbook reveal that we are never too old to learn how to manage our own anger, as well as that of others. This workbook should prove to be a valuable resource for parents, teachers, school psychologists, and other mental-health workers.”
—Alesia M. Williams, Ph.D., school psychologist, New Orleans, LA

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