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How You Feel Is Up To You

How You Feel Is Up To You
The Power of Emotional Choice
Second Edition




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About the Book

Put “the power of emotional choice” to work for you. Learn to take responsibility for your emotions, enhance your awareness of feelings, and manage anger, anxiety, depression, guilt and stress. You can turn your feelings from liabilities (“I'm a victim”) into assets (“I can manage!”). You can decide how you want to feel! How You Feel Is Up To You is packed with self-assessment and self-discovery exercises, charts, and examples for real-life situations.


Gary D. McKay, PhD (Tucson, Arizona) is the co-author of twelve books and programs, including How You Feel is Up To You, Raising Respectful Kids In a Rude World and Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP), the world's leading parent... Read more

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Don Dinkmeyer, Sr., PhD (1924-2001), was a pioneer in the fields of elementary school counseling, Adlerian psychotherapy, classroom guidance, parent education, group counseling and marriage enrichment. He authored and co-authored 35 books and 125... Read more

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