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But I Deserve This Chocolate!

But I Deserve This Chocolate!
The Fifty Most Common Diet-Derailing Excuses and How to Outwit Them




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ISBN: 9781608820566
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About the Book

Most of us are really, really good at devising reasons to indulge in foods that derail our diets and healthy eating plans. Who among us hasn't thought, “I had a stressful day, so I deserve this chocolate,” or, “Buttery popcorn would go so well with this movie!” When we view food as a reward, emotional eating can be difficult to overcome.

Most fad diets tell you to “control” your eating, use willpower, ignore your cravings, or just stop eating. Recall for a moment where this got you in the past. Feeling frustrated or hopeless? Maybe it led you to make more excuses? Perhaps you're thinking I need to get control. This is a sign that the diet mentality may be deeply ingrained in you. Rest assured that there are alternatives to fad dieting and trying to “control” your body.

In But I Deserve This Chocolate!, psychologist Susan Albers takes aim at the fifty most common self-sabotaging thoughts and excuses that keep you from eating right and looking great. This guide dismantles each excuse and offers a mindfulness exercise to help reroute your thoughts so you can meet your health goals. Whether you're a man or woman, teen or adult, this book is for you if you are trying to eat more mindfully, manage your weight, lose weight, or take charge of your eating habits.

Forget the chocolate and unwrap some truly nourishing habits you can feel good about-your body will thank you!


Susan Albers (Author)
Susan Albers, PsyD, is a New York Times bestselling author and licensed clinical psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic specializing in eating issues, weight loss, body image concerns, and mindfulness. She graduated from the University of Denver,... Read more

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“In But I Deserve This Chocolate!, Susan Albers insightfully points out our fifty best diet-derailing excuses and shows one or two easy ways to tackle each excuse. The result is a punchy, inspiring book that is full of new ideas and practical tips for getting us past our most diet-destroying excuses. Fifty cheers!”
—Brian Wansink, PhD, professor at Cornell University, director of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, and author of Mindless Eating

“These tips can spur you toward success on your personal health journey by teaching you how to make your thoughts work for you.”
—Ashley Koff, RD, dietitian and author of Mom Energy

“Changing how we think about food, eating, our weight, and our bodies is a critical step in successfully overcoming struggles with eating and weight. But I Deserve This Chocolate! offers a wealth of practical exercises that can help end common thoughts that keep us stuck in such struggles. It’s a logical and easy-to-use addition to Susan Albers’ valuable series on mindful eating. We’re grateful to have this new resource for the women who come to us for help.”
—Marsha Hudnall, MS, RD, director and owner of Green Mountain at Fox Run, a women’s retreat for healthy living without dieting

“With Albers’ newest book, we learn how mindful eating is like jumping into a chilly pool on a hot summer day: Dipping your toe in might feel uncomfortable, but once you dive in, you never want to leave. She compassionately guides, challenges, educates, and empowers readers. You think you deserve chocolate? You deserve this book.”
—Leslie Goldman, author of Locker Room Diaries: The Naked Truth About Women, Body Image, and Re-imagining the ‘Perfect’ Body

“Giving the body what it needs is the foundation of self-care, whether your body needs nutrition, movement, sleep, relaxation, or even chocolate. When we meet these needs in a mindful way, we take away the power of the internal critic that can often derail our ability to find overall wellness. Susan Albers’ easy-to-understand mindfulness methods will fully engage readers who are interested in balanced, healthy eating.”
—Chevese Turner, CEO and founder, Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA)

“Susan Albers has done it again! But I Deserve Chocolate! exposes private thoughts about food that commonly lead to self-destructive overeating behaviors. She then offers simple ways to change negative patterns and resume our personal journey to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. This book is a gift to anyone with food control issues and I highly recommend it!”
—Denise Lamothe, PsyD, HHD, clinical psychologist and author of The Taming of the Chew and The Appetite Connection

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