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I Wish I Could Hold Your Hand

I Wish I Could Hold Your Hand
A Child's Guide to Grief and Loss




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ISBN: 9780915166824
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About the Book

A best friend has moved away…Dad no longer lives with the family… A favorite relative or pet has died. This warm and comforting book gently helps the grieving child identify his or her feelings—from denial and anger to guilt and sadness—and learn to accept and deal with them. Expressive illustrations help children discover that it is natural to feel the pain of loss, and that they can help themselves feel better by seeking the comfort they need in healthy ways.


Pat Palmer, EdD, (1928-2015) was a psychologist and former director of the Assertiveness Training Institute of Denver. She counseled adults and young people throughout the U.S. in the areas of assertiveness and self-esteem and was author of several... Read more

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Dianne O Quinn Burke graduated from St.Martin School of Art. She has twenty years experience as a freelance artist and has illustrated dozens of published books. She currently resides in California with her husband, who is also an artist, and her... Read more

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“A wonderful, enchanting, much needed book that will be a great help to children who are experiencing grief.”
Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD, author, Love Is Letting Go Of Fear

“...a warm and compassionate discussion of the grief process... I wish I could hold your hand offers comfort, guidance, healing, and the support needed by a child experiencing a loss.”
Dr. Gregory LaGoy and Prakash Mackay, MA, Hospice Maui, HI

“This lovely little book offers exactly the comfort and support that a grieving child needs...
Shakti Gawain, author, Creative Visualization (Second Edition)

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