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Introduction to Behavioral Pharmacology

Introduction to Behavioral Pharmacology





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ISBN: 9781878978363
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About the Book

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of substances that are used to modify behavior. While different classes of substances have known effects, one has only to see a group of people drinking to excess to recognize that not everyone responds in the same way to a given substance. Why do substances have the behavioral effects they do, and why do individuals vary in their responses to them? This book provides a conceptual framework for answering such questions.

Introduction to Behavioral Pharmacology includes a short overview of behavioral analysis and general pharmacology, followed by detailed discussion of assessment of drug effects, the stimulus properties of drugs, drug abuse, and more.


Thomas Byrne (Editor)
Thomas Byrne, PhD, is associate professor of psychology at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, MA.

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Alan Poling (Editor)
Alan Poling, PhD, is professor of psychology and director of the Behavioral Pharmacology Laboratory at Western Michigan University.

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