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The iRest Program for Healing PTSD

The iRest Program for Healing PTSD
A Proven-Effective Approach to Using Yoga Nidra Meditation and Deep Relaxation Techniques to Overcome Trauma



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ISBN: 9781626250246
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About the Book

If you suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), you know how debilitating the symptoms can be. Many times, people with PTSD will suffer flashbacks, have intense nightmares and difficulty sleeping, and may feel angry, anxious, and constantly “on alert.” Living with PTSD is extremely difficult, but there are ways that you can manage your symptoms and, in time, recover.

In The iRest Program for Healing PTSD, clinical psychologist and yogic scholar Richard C. Miller—named one of the top twenty-five yoga teachers by Yoga Journal—offers an innovative and proven-effective ten-step yoga program for treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The deep relaxation meditations in this book will help you overcome the common symptoms of PTSD, such as anxiety, insomnia, and depression, and maintain emotional stability so that you can return to living a full, meaningful life.

The author's iRest protocol is an integrative approach that heals the various unresolved issues, traumas, and wounds that are present in the body and mind. It recognizes the underlying sense of calm that is always present, even amidst all changing circumstances of life. Extensive research has shown that iRest effectively supports the healing process across a broad range of populations. Currently, there are iRest programs in military hospitals across the US, as well as in correctional facilities, hospices, clinics, schools, and organizations supporting personal growth and well-being. iRest has been endorsed by the US Army Surgeon General and Defense Centers of Excellence as a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

If you are ready to start healing from your trauma and get back to living the life you once knew—a life free from fear, anxiety, and sleepless nights—this book will help you find your way. To find out more about Richard C. Miller and the iRest program, visit



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“Richard Miller combines modern science and ancient yogic practices to give us a research-based, practical program for healing trauma. I highly recommend this comprehensive, heartfelt, and helpful book.”
-Rick Hanson, PhD, author of Buddha's Brain
“For six years, I taught iRest meditation at Walter Reed Army Medical Center with active duty service members suffering from acute post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Despite my students' initial skepticism about a meditation-based approach, I witnessed enormous, life changing improvements in their mental and physical health as they practiced the iRest protocol during their three-week treatment program. Miller's book clearly articulates the fascinating theory and powerful methodology of iRest meditation for healing PTSD. iRest is a culture-neutral, trauma-sensitive, and evidence-based modality that I can't recommend highly enough for treating trauma-related conditions.”
-Robin Carnes, MBA, certified yoga and iRest meditation instructor
“This is a very important book, to say the least. More and more, we are learning in the West that meditative practices from the East have a deep and profound ability to heal the darkest and most painful aspects of our human experience. Richard Miller is leading the way in bringing these practices into the mainstream in an easy-to-understand and experiential way. Very highly recommended.”
-Scott Kiloby, author of Natural Rest for Addiction
“Richard Miller integrates Eastern and Western philosophies for modern trauma therapy. The protocols are written in accessible language to provide tools for professionals, as well as peace of mind for those experiencing PTSD. Miller opens the way for health, healing, and well-being.”
-Mary Ellen Rose, yoga and meditation instructor at Laurel Ridge Treatment Center, Mission Resiliency Unit, San Antonio, TX
“Richard Miller is an exceptionally skilled practitioner-teacher of both psychotherapy and yoga. His iRest program is a powerful synthesis of both traditions that has proven effective in helping and healing diverse groups of people.”
-Roger Walsh, MD, PhD, author of Essential Spirituality
“Richard Miller's book is the fruit of his lifelong dedication to serve those with PTSD. This book is like having the most loving and compassionate friend with you every step of the way toward complete healing.”
-Swami Dayananda, integral hatha yoga teacher and trainer, as well as director of LOTUS Center for All Faiths
“Richard's teachings and the practice of iRest offer practitioners the heart of true healing. iRest uncovers the part of you that is untouched by trauma, the part of you that is whole, healthy, and complete-just as it is. I have personally witnessed iRest help thousands of service members, veterans, and military families discover meaning in their traumatic experiences.”
-Molly Birkholm, cofounder of Warriors at Ease and founder of Healing River Yoga
“Richard Miller's TheiRest Program for Healing PTSD is an engaging and interactive program for dealing with the underlying issues of PTSD, and not the just the symptoms. Practice and process for healing yourself-what a gift.”
-Lee Rodrigues, MA
What an offering Richard C. Miller has given us! The iRest Program for Healing PTSD presents ancient wisdom in an engaging, user-friendly way, and shows how to return to wholeness after being traumatized. This book is the perfect guide to help readers effectively release trauma and recover from PTSD. I highly recommend it.”
-James Baraz, coauthor of Awakening Joy and cofounder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center
“I am grateful for the wisdom of this work and the depth of its practical application. There are useable tools and resources to act as a resilience inoculation to better prepare our military for the challenges they will face, as well as proven and researched practices to assist veterans and their families through the trials and phases of transition from military service. Thank you Richard C. Miller, for your generosity of spirit and for showing us a way forward.”
-John Henry Parker, behavioral assessment analyst and team development consultant in the field of personal, professional and transformational development, and cofounder of Purple Star Veterans and Families, a non-profit organization providing transition resources to veterans and their immediate and extended family members
“Anyone with a willingness to improve their life can greatly benefit from the powerful pages masterfully written in this book. Richard C. Miller carefully and very clearly lays out a map of tools, techniques, and inner resources that allows us to rediscover the truth of [who] we are; identify and reframe the limiting thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that can keep us stuck; and teach us the self-care skills required to better navigate the obstacles of our journey.

“Whether dealing with new life challenges and situations, or the tender scars of old wounds, iRest teaches us to cultivate deeper levels of health, acceptance, awareness, and a greater relationship with ourselves and the world around us. iRest has been instrumental in my own recovery and transition from combat to community, and it is my great hope that through this book, you too will allow Miller to guide you down the path of well-being, to enable you to create a new intention and direction for yourself, and ultimately provide you with the skills and action steps necessary to build your most beautiful life.”
-Adam McCabe, USMC/OIF 1,OIF 2, veteran advocate, and founding member and director of the Huts for Vets program in Aspen, CO

“Richard C. Miller articulates with c larity and simplicity an ancient and powerful practice for healing the effects of trauma, insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain. The practices he presents are easy to follow and integrate into daily living as tools for self-healing. The transformative potential of iRest is made readily accessible through application of the method described so clearly in this book. Having taught this practice to over 2,000 veterans in the Washington, DC Department of Veterans Affairs, I have observed first-hand the potential of iRest in bringing deep rest and relaxation-as well as restoring a sense of well-being and resiliency-into the lives of veterans.”
-Karen Soltes, LCSW, RYT, clinical social worker, registered yoga teacher, and certified iRest Yoga Nidra teacher and supervisor

“Precise and profoundly accessible, this book provides the structure and format to skillfully train and compassionately support those trapped in the exhaustive world of repetitive cellular memory known as PTSD. This is an empowering guidebook providing effective techniques that can transform the mechanisms of the brain to create new maps and communication pathways towards enhanced states of physical well-being and peace of mind.”
-Sherri Baptiste, author of Yoga with Weights for Dummies and internationally-recognized yoga teacher and founder of Baptiste Power of YogaT and Yoga with Weights: Baptiste Method (

“Richard C. Miller provides a breath of fresh air and an easy-to-follow path to help those who struggle with trauma reconnect with their inner peace, wholeness, and joy. His writing is vivid and chock-full with helpful analogies, real-life stories, and transforming practices to show how iRest can heal the wounds of PTSD. I will definitely recommend this book to my college students and the veterans I teach to help them manage stress and experience optimal well-being.”
-Thomas Nassif, PhD, is a mindfulness researcher and integrative health educator at the Washington, DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and serves on the faculty at American University, George Washington University, and Maryland University of Integrative Health

“The well-known and extreme form of stress-PTSD-affects millions of people every day, and can severely impact health and quality of living. So, I was delighted to find this book. Richard C. Miller is not only a trained psychologist, but also a longtime and respected yoga teacher and practitioner. Because of his experience and unique perspective, he offers the latest research and a supportive program to help us all heal and find our inherent joy. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It is no exaggeration to say it will change your life in wondrous ways.”
-Judith Hanson Lasater, PhD, PT, author and yoga teacher since 1971

“As both an Operation Iraqi Freedom Army Veteran and a mental health therapist, I know first-hand the struggles that veterans' who suffer from PTSD face. Richard C. Miller has developed an effective, evidence-based protocol which allows veterans to regain control over their emotions and live a more purpose-driven life. I continue to use iRest meditations in both my professional practice, as well as in my private life. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards Miller for sharing his work with the brave men and women of US Armed Forces. iRest has empowered thousands of veterans to meet the challenges associated with returning home from combat. I strongly encourage anyone who is suffering from trauma to read this book. It truly does have the power to change your life."
-Sgt. William Rodriguez, MSW, a decorated three-time Operation Enduring/Iraqi Freedom Combat Veteran who has served three tours of duty in the Middle East as a reconnaissance squad leader with both the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment and the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)

“Richard C. Miller has distilled a clear, practical, and potent guide to heal PTSD and come home to a deeper sense of yourself. iRest is a wonderful resource!”
-John J. Prendergast, PhD, psychotherapist, emeritus professor of psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA, and author of In Touch

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