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Jigsaw Puzzle Family

Jigsaw Puzzle Family
The Stepkids' Guide to Fitting It Together




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ISBN: 9781886230637
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About the Book

“For all the kids who wonder how the jigsaw puzzle pieces of their newly combined family will ever fit together,” MacGregor has created another warm and understanding resource for children of divorce. Jigsaw Puzzle Familyhelps kids realize they’re not alone—many, many other kids are dealing with a new stepparent… new rules in the house… new stepbrothers and/or stepsisters… living somewhere new. Readers will find engaging stories of children facing the same issues, dozens of practical and helpful suggestions for making stepfamily life better, gentle guidance in understanding the mixed feelings that go with fitting into a blended (“jigsaw puzzle”) family, and lots of reassurance that time will help.


Cynthia MacGregor is the author of nearly 50 books for parents and children, many with a focus on helping kids through difficult situations. A divorced mother herself, she helped her own daughter (now an adult) cope with parental divorce, and brings... Read more

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“Using humor and realistic scenarios, (MacGregor) places a positive spin on the changes kids face when their parents divorce...”
Marriage and Family Therapy News, The Kentucky Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

“Practical help for real kids with real parents living real lives...”
National Association of Social Workers, Mississippi Chapter

&ldquot;MacGregor... has mastered the art of communicating in a friendly, conversational manner that children will respond to...”
Youth Today

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