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Juicy Tomatoes

Juicy Tomatoes
Plain Truths, Dumb Lies, and Sisterly Advice about Life After 50




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About the Book

Tales from the Vine: Juicy Tomatoes Talk About Being Female, Over Fifty, and in Full Bloom

Juicy Tomatoes introduces you to a group of women who will happily plead guilty to being female and over fifty. That's because they know that being a fifty-plus woman means having wisdom, passion, and savvy to spare, and that the second half of life can be just as fun and fulfilling as the first. They've seen through the myths that say an over-fifty woman can't have good sex or a new career and they've forged ahead despite societal pressure to quietly step down. These juicy tomatoes are redefining what it means to be a woman over fifty and blazing a trail that promises to change the culture and the lives of those green tomatoes who come after them. Juicy Tomatoes is a refreshing and revealing look at how women meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities that come with age. These stories from life beyond fifty are funny, poignant, inspiring, and unflinchingly honest.


Susan Swartz (Author)
Susan Swartz is the author and coauthor of four books. Her columns on outspoken women and boomer angst are distributed around the country by the New York Times News Service. Her work has appeared in More and other magazines. Her first book, ... Read more

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Written with insight, humor, and a 'we're getting older so we may as well enjoy it' spirit, Juicy Tomatoes perfectly captures the real issues and essence of midlife for women.
-Susan Evans and Joan Avis, authors of The Women Who Broke All the Rules: How the Choices of a Generation Changed Our Lives

Juicy Tomatoes is one of those books you'll read and then give to all your women friends. It's insightful, optimistic, wise, and yes, funny. Susan Swartz is telling us things we all need to know about ourselves.
-Robin Beeman, author of A Parallel Life and Other Stories and A Minus Tide

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