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Living with ADD

Living with ADD
A Workbook for Adults With Attention Deficit Disorder




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ISBN: 9781572240636
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About the Book

An estimated 3 to 10 million adults in the US struggle with the symptoms of attention-deficit disorder (ADD.) If you’re among this group, this interactive workbook will enable you to identify the personal problems caused by your condition and develop skills for coping with it. Learn how to assess yourself and the ways in which ADD affects your daily life. Then, work through exercises structured to help you deal with self-esteem issues; find out how to change distorted thought patterns, manage stress, and develop a structured approach to starting and finishing tasks. Final chapters offer specific suggestions for handling common problems at work and school, dealing with intimate relationships, and finding support.


M. Susan Roberts (Author)
M. Susan Roberts, PhD, is a behavioral psychologist for South Shore Mental Health Center and clinical director of the Emergency Services Inpatient Unit at Fuller Hospital, in Attleboro, MA. She is the author of Living Without Procrastination.

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Gerard J. Jansen (Author)
Gerard J. Jansen, PhD, is a financial analyst with a major software company in the Boston area.

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