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Living Life Well

Living Life Well
New Strategies for Hard Times





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About the Book

This cognitive behavioral self-help ICP workbook is designed for use by a depressed patient. This book can be used to support the ICP intervention of a primary care provider or may be used in its own right as a home-based treatment. When used in the context of on-site mental health services, this book supports the brief 2-4 hour ICP behavioral health intervention. It focuses heavily on building coping skills that have been shown empirically to reduce depression. Each unit addresses a particular coping skill, then encourages the patient to form a self-directed coping plan to implement that skill in daily life in a direct and immediate way. The book also presents optional skills units for patients and a ’planning for the future’ section that supports relapse prevention planning. Research indicates that this type of self-help, self-directed care material is viewed as preferable to usual care by patients.


Patricia J. Robinson, PhD, is director of training and program evaluation at Mountainview Consulting Group, Inc., a firm that assists health care systems with integrating behavioral health services into primary care settings. She is coauthor of Real... Read more

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