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The Lotus Effect

The Lotus Effect
Shedding Suffering and Rediscovering Your Essential Self



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About the Book

Discover the Lotus Effect

The lotus plant has a unique ability to survive in muddy, humid swamps, producing beautiful flowers that bloom just above the water's surface. By repelling dirt and parasites from their leaves, lotuses are able to thrive and access as much sunlight and water as possible. What if we, like the lotus, could let the trials and tribulations of everyday life slip away and emerge unscathed and whole?

Suffering results when we lose sight of our true sense of self and absorb everyday frustrations instead of letting these feelings fall away. Inspired by Buddhist and Vedic psychology, The Lotus Effect will help you rediscover who you are by clarifying what you are not. Through the contemplative "identity detox" exercises and meditations in this book, you'll learn to let go of stress, worry, anger, suffering, and need for approval as naturally as the lotus sheds mud from its leaves. As you practice detaching yourself from life's disappointments, frustrations, and fears, you'll take the first steps toward strengthening your core "lotus self" so that you, too, will possess the resilience to blossom, no matter the circumstances.


Pavel G Somov (Author)
Pavel G. Somov, PhD, is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Pittsburgh, PA. He is the author of Eating the Moment, Present Perfect, The Smoke-Free Smoke Break, and The Lotus Effect.

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In The Lotus Effect, Pavel Somov teaches us to work our way through the complexities of pain, suffering, and impermanence and learn to let go and accept the teachings of our afflictions of body, mind and soul. With the lotus effect, we shift from pain and suffering toward growth, rebirth, and transformation of the self. Great for clinicians to use with clients and for all others seeking to grow a new lotus within themselves.
—Ronald A. Alexander, Ph.D., executive director of the Open Mind Training Institute and author of Wise Mind, Open Mind

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