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Luck Is No Accident

Luck Is No Accident
Making the Most of Happenstance in Your Life and Career
Second Edition




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ISBN: 9781886230033
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About the Book

Unplanned events—chance occurrences—more often determine life and career choices than all the careful planning we do. A chance meeting, a broken appointment, a spontaneous vacation trip, a “fill-in” job, a hobby—these are the kinds of experiences that lead to unexpected life directions and career choices.

Newly revised and updated with fresh examples and current issues for today's challenging times, Luck is No Accident actively encourages readers to create their own unplanned events, to anticipate changing their plans frequently, to take advantage of chance events when they happen, and to make the most of what life offers. The book has a friendly, easy style about it, and is packed with personal stories that really bring the ideas into focus.


John Krumboltz (Author)
John D. Krumboltz, PhD, Professor of Education and Psychology at Stanford University, is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He has received the prestigious Leona Tyler... Read more

Books by John Krumboltz

Luck Is No Accident Second Edition
Al Levin (Author)
Al S. Levin, EdD, Professor of Counselor Education at California State University, Sacramento, was formerly Assistant Director of Stanford University's Career Development Center, MBA Career Management Center, and Lecturer at Stanford's School of... Read more

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Luck Is No Accident Second Edition


“...a practical guide to adapting to (life's) many twists and turns... This book celebrates unpredictability and teaches us to love it and live happily with life's ‘surprises’... that adaptations to the unexpected, the willingness to risk, and the resilience after failure are at the core of every successful career. The many inspiring stories and principles in this book show that our lives are totally unpredictable, yet, paradoxically, within our control, when we take advantage of unforeseen encounters and events.”
Howard Figler, co-author, The Career Counselor's Handbook,, author, The Complete Job-Search Handbook

“I once wrote that most of my best research ideas came about simply 'because I happened to be at the right place at the right time.' This book points out that more than dumb luck may have been involved; Krumboltz & Levin show how successful people often are adept at putting themselves in the right place at the right time—and then follow through by behaving in ways that take full advantage of that initial good fortune.&rdquot;
Elliott Aronson, author, The Social Animal and The Jigsaw Classroom

“The student who runs out of money before graduating from college, the mid-career engineer who gets caught in corporate downsizing and the recently divorced single parent are likely to believe that their ‘luck’ has run out. Yet they could be on the edge of a career and life breakthrough if only they can see the value in seemingly random events. Dr. John Krumboltz and Dr. Al S. Levin combine the wisdom of their distinguished work in career development for people like that, who need what's found in Luck Is No Accident.”
The Master's Advocate, October-November 2009

“...a guide to being prepared for when life throws wrenches at your plans, and how to turn a surprise into a full-fledged opportunity...plenty of tips for meeting (surprises) head on...a very useful read for those who want to be prepared for their big break.”
The Midwest Book Review, California Bookwatch: November 2010

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