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Managing Client Anger

Managing Client Anger
What to Do When a Client is Angry with You




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About the Book

The author of I Can't Get Over It explains what therapists can do to cope effectively when clients direct anger at them.

The purpose of this book is to help increase a therapist's effectiveness in coping with clients when they become angry. It provides guidelines for creating a therapeutic environment in which it is emotionally safe for a client to express anger, while being assured of one's ability to identify and defuse potentially dangerous encounters.

This book examines the diverse sources of client anger at therapists and other helping professionals, and outlines the ways in which this anger can manifest itself. It includes guidelines for judging a client's potential for crossing the line from anger to assaultive behaivior, and will add to a practitioner's database about how to increase comfort level with angry clients and how to manage the stress, shame, and anxiety that are natural reactions on the part of any helping professional faced with rage intead of gratitude.


Aphrodite T. Matsakis, PhD, is an internationally recognized expert in trauma and the author of several books dealing with traumatic reactions, including I Can't Get Over It!, Trust After Trauma, The Rape Recovery Handbook, and... Read more

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