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Marital Myths Revisited

Marital Myths Revisited
A Fresh Look at Two Dozen Mistaken Beliefs About Marriage




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ISBN: 9781886230385
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About the Book

“Many people contend that marriage is a relationship that carries the principle of friendship to its ultimate and most intimate degree. I think they are mistaken." One of the most influential psychotherapists of our time revisits his “two dozen myths” two decades later. Surprises aplenty in this no-holds barred conversation with readers about the “myths” that get married couples in trouble. The notions that “Husbands and wives should be best friends,” “Marriage should be a 50-50 partnership,” and “An unhappy marriage is better than a broken home,” are explored, debunked, and re-examined in the light of 21st century hindsight. This is a provocative, insightful, sometimes disturbing look at some of our most cherished beliefs about marriage.


Arnold Lazarus (Author)
Dr. Arnold Lazarus, (1932-2013) was a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Rutgers University in New Jersey, and had also served on the faculties of Stanford University, Temple University Medical School, and Yale University. Dr. Lazarus... Read more

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“Without a doubt, couples willing to read, examine and talk about these marital myths are more likely to build successful relationships.”
Lorraine Wincor, PsyD

“This important and practical book, which can be easily read in less than an hour, is recommended as required reading for those who are married, contemplating marriage or engaged in...marriage counseling”
Cyril Franks, PhD, Child and Family Behavior Therapy

“I've never before found a book that I could recommend to clients that approached these issues so clearly and well.”
Lillian F. Brunell, PsyD

“We encourage anyone married, contemplating marriage, or in the practice of marriage counseling to read this important, practical book. Dr. Lazarus has brilliantly elucidated the myths that destroy marriages... We have gained a great deal from this powerful book, both personally and professionally. We highly recommend it.”
Harold H. Bloomfield, MD, psychiatrist, bestselling author, Making Peace with Your Past and How to Survive the Loss of Love
Sirah Vetesse-Bloomfield, PhD, marriage counselor

“The road to wedded happiness is strewn with myths. Here, a noted therapist reveals some of them.”
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