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Master Your Panic

Master Your Panic
Twelve Treatment Sessions to Conquer Panic, Anxiety & Agoraphobia
Third Edition




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ISBN: 9781886230477
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About the Book

Find out why you developed panic attacks in the first place and why they come back. Learn the tried and true SRB method to STOP panic the moment it strikes. Discover your personal triggers for panic and tackle them, one by one—the thoughts, the physical habits, even the emotional traps. So panic goes away and stays away. Find out the latest information on the best medications for panic. Identify the personal stresses and family backgrounds that can lead to panic. Learn to stop limiting yourself and get your life back—for GOOD. This practical, self-empowering book on overcoming agoraphobia and debilitating panic attacks is now completely revised and expanded to include the latest information and research findings on relaxation, breathing, medication and other treatments. Master Your Panic parallels an actual treatment program in which you are guided, step-by-step, through twelve self-help “treatment sessions.” Proven, research-based methods are presented in easy-to-follow instructions, accompanied by numerous case examples. Includes guides for identifying triggers of panic attacks, challenging catastrophic thinking and for preventing relapse. Follow Dr. Beckfield's procedures to gain a thorough understanding of the disorder, and you can actually resolve the panic in your life.


Denise Beckfield (Author)
Denise Beckfield, PhD, is a clinical psychologist who has specialized in the treatment of panic and anxiety her entire career, and who has written and spoken to both professionals and anxiety sufferers on topics including susceptibility to panic... Read more

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Master Your Panic Third Edition


“From her experience successfully treating hundreds of patients, and from her review of the voluminous literature in the area, Dr. Beckfield has distilled the essence of effective treatment into the most readable book on the topic I have seen.”
John Greist, MD, author, Anxiety and Its Treatment, Clinical Director of Psychiatry, University of Washington Medical School

“Of all the clinical self-help books on panic disorder, Master Your Panic And Take Back Your Life is the best. I use the book as required reading for the individual and group therapy I conduct for clients with panic disorder and high anxiety. It is excellent, easily understandable and with self-help exercises that really make a difference. I recommend they read others, but I require this one.”
Tom Parsons, MA, LPC , co-founder: The SHYNESS Institute of Colorado

“The minute I finished reading [this book], I wanted to hop right on a plane and fly out to meet with Dr. Beckfield in person. It is written with unbelievable understanding and compassion. I keep a copy at home and work. It comes in handy for me and also for others who may try to understand their condition... I recommend the book highly to anyone with panic and anxiety. It's a magnificent book.&rdquo
M.L., a reader in Clearwater Beach, FL

“...Especially noteworthy are chapters 2, 3, and 4, helping clients to trace both the lifetime origins as well as the daily antecedents of their panic episodes. I haven't seen this covered so well anywhere else.”
Edmund Bourne, PhD, author, Anxiety, Fears and Phobias

“ book of its kind.&rdquo
Albert Ellis, PhD, President, Albert Ellis Institute, New York

“I just turned 40 years old... I've been suffering from periodic attacks since I was 24 years old... Right now I feel 100% like my 'old' self... You have helped me&rdquot;
A grateful reader, Memphis, TN

“...Dr. Beckfield clearly understands this exquisitely uncomfortable disorder...”

“I was quite surprised at the impact the book had on me... This book is just what we need! [It is]... user-friendly, based on sound, research-based techniques, yet also addresses emotional issues such as loss, and unresolved grief or anger (something we find hard to release)... Dr. Beckfield truly understands the agony and struggle that her clients and readers experience... excellent book.”
—From a review in The Mountain Climber

“As a therapist, I am delighted to have learned of a book which I can use with my anxiety and panic disorder patients... as a professor, I look forward to the opportunity to utilize your book as a text, or as recommended reading for some of my courses...”
Janice Kinter, PhD, former Director of Clinical Placement, Psychology, California Graduate Institute

&ldquot;...a valuable resource for people with panic disorder.”
Jeffrey E. Heckler, PhD, University of Maine Department of Psychology, book review, the Behavior Therapist

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