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Is That Me Yelling?

Is That Me Yelling?
A Parent's Guide to Getting Your Kids to Cooperate Without Losing Your Cool




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About the Book

Being a parent is hard work! And when your child refuses to do even the little things-like picking up their toys, taking a bath, or getting in the car to go to school-it's easy to become frustrated. But what if there was a gentle, effective way for you to improve your kid's behavior without losing your cool or raising your voice? In Is That Me Yelling? leading authority on parenting, Rona Renner outlines effective communication strategies that focus on your child's unique temperament.

While most books on discipline are “one size fits all,” this book offers a tailored parenting approach. Inside, you will learn powerful mindfulness techniques based in cognitive behavioral theory (CBT) and temperament theory to help reduce conflict and foster cooperation, respect, and understanding in your family. You will also learn the real reasons behind your frustration, how your unique temperament, as well as your child's, can contribute to you losing your temper, and how you can start feeling calm and connecting with your child in a positive way, right away.

As a parent, you are often under a great deal of stress. Between helping your child with their homework, running a household, and working, it's only natural to feel overwhelmed at times. But that's why you need real, practical solutions to help you communicate effectively and compassionately with your children in a way that will benefit you both. This book will show you how.

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Rona Renner (Author)
Rona Renner, RN, graduated from Brooklyn College School of Nursing in 1966, and she has since been dedicated to solving problems and helping people reduce their suffering. Her extensive experience includes working in medical... Read more

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Christine Carter (Foreword by)
Foreword writer Christine Carter, PhD, is a happiness expert, sociologist, and the author of Raising Happiness: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kidsand Happier Parents. Carter has helped thousands of people find more joy in their... Read more

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“A parent's responsibility is to facilitate the development of their child's consciousness. Thanks to Rona Renner's insightful book, parents now have tools to help accomplish this.”
-Deepak Chopra, MD

“Is That Me Yelling? is a complete and compassionate companion for every parent, educator, and parenting educator. . With excellent examples from her extensive professional and personal experience, nurse Rona illustrates fundamental psychological principles and functional parenting practices with empathy and enthusiasm. Bravo, thanks!”
-Marisol Mu?oz-Kiehne, PhD, clinical psychologist, parent educator, author, columnist, and former host of Nuestros Ni?os radio show (
"As a pediatrician and parent, I truly appreciate Rona Renner's holistic and practical approach to parenting. This book should be required reading for all new parents.”
-Lawrence Rosen, MD, founder of The Whole Child Center (
“Engaging and practical, humorous and evidence-based, prescriptive but not preachy, authoritative yet never stuffy, Is That Me Yelling? quickly rises to the top of the many parenting books I've ever read. All parents get engaged in power struggles with their kids, and through numerous case examples, easy-to-follow self-assessments, a welcome review of temperament, and just the right dosage of pure wisdom, Rona Renner provides thoughtful and achievable solutions. If you're a parent who has ever yelled at your kid and wished you hadn't, this book is for you.”
-Stephen P. Hinshaw, PhD, editor at the Psychological Bulletin; professor in the department of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley; and vice-chair of psychology in the department of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco
Is That Me Yelling? speaks directly to all of us parents who love our kids with all our hearts, yet still find ourselves losing it. Rona Renner is wise, funny, and right on the mark with this exceptionally useful guide to being the adult in the family.”
-Katherine Ellison, author of Buzz: A Year of Paying Attention and Square Peg: My Story and What It Means for Raising Innovators, Visionaries, and Out-of-the-Box Thinkers
“Among the many books on parenting, this one stands out for me because it encouraged me to fundamentally change the way I am with my children. With Rona Renner's help, I have stopped yelling and become the patient, compassionate parent I always hoped to be.”
-Rhonda Collins, documentary film editor and mother of twins
“There is nothing more heartwarming and healing than a parent striving to be a better parent. Is That Me Yelling? is a powerful, loving, and effective book for parents who want to learn how to foster healthier communication and relationships with their children.”
-Jorge Partida, PsyD, author of The Promise of the Fifth Sun and A Week of Awakening
“Rona Renner's approach is warm, practical, and wise. She provides a sturdy helping hand for even the toughest situations. Based on real-life experiences, this book is full of sensitive, sound advice that truly works. It should be mandatory reading for every parent.”
-Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, EdD, author of Raising Your Spirited Child and Sleepless in America
“Finally! An insightful, practical guide that does not shame or preach. Is That Me Yelling? provides sensible, easy-to-use techniques using compassion and self-awareness to not only improve ourselves as parents and grandparents, but to also obtain desired behavior changes in our children. This refreshing go-to guide is destined to become indispensable, filling a void in current parenting literature.”
-Shoshana Bennett, PhD, clinical psychologist, parental depression specialist, and author of Postpartum Depression for Dummies
“Rona Renner counseled me through my early parenting with a very spirited child, and saved us both from much heartbreak and disaster! That was me yelling-until I learned the skills and approaches her book offers. What a gift to parents, and to their children!”
-Betsy Rose, mindful educator, musician, and parent
Is That Me Yelling? is a funny, warm, and insightful book by a funny, warm, and insightful person. Rona Renner is a beloved speaker, writer, and radio personality known as the go-to person for Bay Area families. Finally, she has put her years of parenting wisdom into a book for all of us. I highly recommend it!”
-Joshua Coleman, PhD, psychologist and author of When Parents Hurt

“I have known and worked with Rona Renner for over several decades. Clearly, she understands that no single behavioral approach fits all children. Instead, each approach must take into account the particular temperament of the child-and often also that of the parent! In this respect, Is That Me Yelling? sums up a significant portion of Rona's learning curve. . So parents, if what should work doesn't, if your pressure gauge is `way up'-this is the book for you!”
-James Cameron, PhD, executive director at The Preventive Ounce, a nonprofit, preventive mental health organization for children (

Is That Me Yelling? is simply a gift for parents. Filled with wisdom but delivered with both humor and humility, this book is of value for families in need of minor adjustments, major overhauls, and everything in between. Renner challenges us without judging. The clarity of the writing belies just how transformative these practical recommendations can be for our children and for ourselves.”
-David C. Rettew, MD, associate professor of psychiatry and pediatrics, director of the Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship, and director of the Pediatric Psychiatry Clinic at the University of Vermont, College of Medicine

“When it comes to aiding and supporting parents in the care of their children, I believe most caregivers want honest, straightforward, and uncomplicated suggestions from someone who has been there and done that. Rona Renner's book, Is That Me Yelling? is a breath of fresh air. Authentic, helpful, easy-to-read, and useful are words that describe her messages to parents as well as professionals.”
-Intisar Shareef, EdD, cochair of the Early Childhood Education Department at Contra Costa College, San Pablo, CA

“The future will be defined by the generation we are raising right now. In the face of global challenges, we must remember that we, as parents, shape the future one decision at a time. Our children will be the ones to reinvent society, business, and humanity's relationship with the natural world. They are the innovators and the peacemakers; the caretakers and the stewards; the visionaries and the implementers. It is our duty to our children and to the planet to give them the best start possible. This begins with knowing ourselves, healing our families, and acting intentionally. As Renner eloquently states, “world peace begins at home.”
-Rinaldo S. Brutoco, futurist, business leader, and founding president of the World Business Academy

Is That Me Yelling? is a great way to bring guidance from the wise and warm Nurse Rona into your home. With extensive experience as a nurse, temperament counselor, parent educator, and parenting radio host, her advice is valuable for anyone with kids. Regardless of how much they yell, moms and dads are certain to feel more calm and confident having her by their side.”
-Will Courtenay, PhD, “The Men's Doc” and author of Dying to Be Men

“Yelling doesn't work-at least not for long. Kids get inured to it and stop listening. Then parents have to yell louder, and say more hurtful things. Is That Me Yelling? is the best book I've seen on parenting because it shows how to stop the damaging anger and create a spirit of true cooperation with your children. Highly recommended.”
-Matthew McKay, PhD, author of When Anger Hurts Your Kids

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