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Meditative Therapy

Meditative Therapy
Facilitating Inner-Directed Healing




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ISBN: 9781886230118
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About the Book

Two decades ago, Emmons' popular work, The Inner Source, showed thousands of readers how to tap their own powerful “inner source” of emotional healing. Now he offers to the professional therapist a full description of the therapeutic procedures that facilitate inner-directed healing and explains the therapist's role in guiding clients' growth psychologically, physiologically and spiritually. A selection of the Behavioral Science Book Service.


Michael Emmons (Author)
Michael Emmons, PhD, (1938-2016), was a celebrated psychologist; consultant to educational, government, and business organizations; trainer of marriage and family counseling interns at California Polytechnic State University; and author or coauthor... Read more

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Janet Emmons (Author)
Janet Emmons, MS is a licensed marriage and family counselor, holistic health workshop leader, and member of the Psychology Graduate Advisory Board at California Polytechnic.

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"...a practical and powerful guide to inner-directed healing..."
R. Leo Sprinkle, PhD

“...clear, concise, fascinating, and profound...describes numerous case studies of its helpfulness...I have witnessed this technique make profound changes in clients...well written, interesting reading...I've safely and effectively used this technique with clients of widely diverse diagnoses, of various age and ethnic groups...”
Renee Rees, PhD, Fellow & Diplomate, American Board of Medical Psychotherapists & Psychodiagnosticians

“...unusually creative and explicit guide...a very interesting book and one that could profitably be read by many practitioners.”
E. Thomas Dowd, PhD, Kent State University, The Counseling Psychology Quarterly

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