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The Migraine Miracle

The Migraine Miracle
A Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Ancestral Diet to Reduce Inflammation and Relieve Your Headaches for Good




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ISBN: 9781608828753
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About the Book

If you suffer from migraines, you know from experience that prescription medication can only do so much to help relieve your suffering. You also know that your next headache could still strike at any time, and as a result, you may lead a life of fear and trepidation, never knowing when the responsibilities of work and family will once again fall victim to your throbbing skull. Unfortunately, despite the many advances in medicine, there is still no real cure for the migraine headache.

In The Migraine Miracle, a neurologist with a personal history of migraines offers readers the revolutionary dietary cure that has worked for him and continues to work for his patients: a diet low in wheat, sugar, and processed foods, and high in organic, protein-rich animal products. The book also explores the link between inflammation, diet, and migraines, and contains a 21-day meal plan to help readers change the way they eat. By following this easy meal plan, millions of sufferers will discover a life free from symptoms-once and for all.

The book includes comprehensive, research-based information that explains what the brain goes through during a migraine headache, the phases of the migraine, and how a diagnosis is made. It also explores the risks and benefits of migraine medication, natural remedies for migraines, dietary migraine triggers, and detailed, specific instructions for a migraine-free eating plan.

If you have tried migraine medicine but have not found real relief, it's time to try something new. By changing the way you eat, and understanding what foods can trigger your migraine, you can start feeling better longer, without the threat of a migraine always looming over everything you do.


Josh Turknett (Author)
Josh Turknett, MD, is a 2001 graduate of the Emory School of Medicine, a board-certified neurologist, and a clinical researcher in the areas of migraine, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease. Turknett maintains a... Read more

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Jenny Turknett (Contributing Writer)
Jenny Turknett has a background in baking, catering, and event planning. She currently works as a freelance food writer and restaurant critic for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She lives in the greater Atlanta, GA, area with her... Read more

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“Neurologist [Josh] Turknett, a longtime migraine sufferer, offers a potentially revelatory approach to treating a condition that affects 30-40 million people in the US. His premise: that the current standards of migraine management-including prescription and over-the-counter medications, and preventative drugs-can largely be set aside in favor of mimicking an ancestral diet that is high in animal protein and low in wheat, sugar, and processed foods. Doing so enables the hypothalamus, `a primary suspect in the hunt for neural origins of migraine,' to efficiently maintain the body's homeostasis, short-circuiting diet-triggered impulses that cause and prolong migraines. Given the low-fat, high-carb eating favored by many, the writer acknowledges that the diet may be radical. However, as someone who has successfully made the transition himself, and who recommends the diet to his patients, Turknett's idea carries weight. He offers a comprehensive definition of migraines and how they are diagnosed (or misdiagnosed), discusses factors that make a person more susceptible to migraines, and explores typical treatments. He then addresses the tenets of the diet and leads into original recipes and a 21-day eating plan.”
-Publisher's Weekly
“I love, love, love this book. I personally suffer from an auto-immune disease, and this fun, easy read left me not only informed, but confident that I can live a longer life. As a chef, I found the diet and the recipes very achievable. Turknett really relates to everyday people in this truly informative and exceedingly helpful book. Life-changing.”
-Tracey Bloom, chef, lifestyle consultant, Top Chef contestant, and co-owner of
“Bold, eye opening, and compelling, The Migraine Miracle promises to forever alter the landscape of migraine treatment for the better. Essential reading for anyone who suffers from migraines, and essential reading for anyone who cares for migraine patients.”
-Timothy Lo, MD, MPH, neurologist and pain management specialist
“Ancestral diets and lifestyle practices have proven highly effective at curing migraines. Indeed, they are a general recipe for superb health and longevity. Josh Turknett has helped himself and many patients with these techniques, and now brings us the best available guide for overcoming migraines. If you have migraines, please read this book!”
-Paul Jaminet, PhD, author of Perfect Health Diet and editor of Journal of Evolution and Health

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