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In the Mood, Again

In the Mood, Again
A Couple's Guide to Reawakening Sexual Desire



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About the Book

Although most books about sexual desire blame one partner or the other for too low or too high a desire level, this book helps readers understand that it is a couple's dynamic that is most often the cause of unsatisfying relationship libido. Use this book to reestablish sexy reciprocity and restore sexual desire without resorting to hormone supplements or bedroom techniques designed only to arouse momentary sexual interest.

By convincingly removing one partner (usually the woman) from the sexual dysfunction, this book guides you and your partner to an awareness of how both of you contribute to a lack of passion in your sex life. Using easy and fun-to-implement exercises, couples then learn to differentiate desire from arousal, highlight the short-circuits of their sexual excitement, understand the potent aphrodisiac of reciprocal male and female power, master communication skills that turn up the heat, and continuously tap into, maintain, and deepen your interest in your sex life and the lust you can still feel for each other.


Kathleen A. Cervenka, PhD, is a psychotherapist who holds a doctorate in human sexuality. She has been working for more than twenty years with couples on relationship issues and sexual dysfunctions. She provides sexual training seminars to... Read more

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