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My Lifebook Journal

My Lifebook Journal
A Workbook for Children in Fostercare




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Paperback with CD

ISBN: 9781572246720
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About the Book

Children placed in foster homes face many difficult changes over which they have no control. They must learn to quickly adjust to a different family, a new set of rules, and possibly a new school and community-almost an entirely new life. These changes can be overwhelming for kids, and the sadness, fear, and anger they may feel can prevent them from making a successful transition into foster care.

The simple activities in My Lifebook Journal offer children the tools they need to adjust to their new situation in a healthy way. Using the worksheets in this book, kids can journal about their positive experiences and memories, learn to develop a strong sense of self, identify the people they can rely on, and learn coping skills for dealing with feelings of anger and sadness. Writing down and exploring their thoughts and feelings in just a few minutes each day can help children better understand themselves and their biological and foster families. The resiliency and self-confidence that these activities develop will help children handle not only the transition into foster care, but also the many positive changes in their lives still to come.


Therese Accinelli, LMFT, holds a master's degree in clinical psychology and is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She has worked with children in foster care for over a decade. Accinelli grew up in Southern California, where she still resides... Read more

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