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Overcoming Procrastination for Teens

Overcoming Procrastination for Teens
A CBT Guide for College-Bound Students





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ISBN: 9781626254572
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About the Book

"Useful for students who want to stop procrastinating, do better in school, and accomplish more."

Procrastinating is a habit that can hinder your success and follow you well into adulthood. With this book, procrastination expert Bill Knaus offers a step-by-step guide to overcoming procrastination. With simple and fun exercises and skills based in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), you’ll learn to organize your schedule, manage homework, overcome negative self-talk, and improve your self-esteem.

Procrastination is a universal topic—it’s a problem that plagues millions of high school and college students and concerns teachers and parents. If you’re someone who procrastinates, you know your delays can have a negative impact on your life—especially when it comes to grades and preparing for the future. Even worse, if you aren’t able to overcome your procrastination habit, it can have a limiting effect on your success as an adult. So, what can you do to strip away the procrastination barriers and successfully meet your challenges?

Overcoming Procrastination for Teens is a practical, research-supported workbook to help you understand the habit of procrastination, reduce it, and increase your ability to get things done. Using tips and tools based in CBT, you’ll learn how to address unfounded fears, improve self-perception, manage your time and feelings of boredom or indifference, increase critical thinking abilities and organizational skills, and much more.

With this comprehensive self-help training manual, you’ll develop the self-mastery you need to lessen procrastination and be ready to meet your challenges, get more done, feel better, and prepare for the future—setting the stage for success in high school, in college, and beyond.


William J. Knaus (Author)
William J. Knaus, EdD, is a licensed psychologist with more than forty-six years of clinical experience working with people suffering from anxiety, depression, and procrastination. He has appeared on numerous regional and national television shows,... Read more

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“Everyone procrastinates to some extent, but for young people, it can lead to poor grades, added stress, and the failure to live up to future expectations. In this workbook, Knaus, a psychologist, uses stories about teens to help high-school students get organized, cope with stress, and achieve better grades. Through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) methods, Knaus encourages students to develop self-mastery skills in problem solving, reflecting and reasoning, monitoring their thoughts to achieve superior results, setting attainable goals and executing them effectively, and accepting setbacks, among other things. The occasional use of a metaphorical guide (e.g., “The Spirit of Reason”) is different but effective, while 12 tips at the end of the book on transitioning to college are inspiring. The book’s design, with pages that invite the reader to take surveys, fill in checklists, and answer progress reports, isn’t ideal for libraries but will still be useful for students who want to stop procrastinating, do better in school, and accomplish more—and photocopies can easily be made for the classroom.”

“Practical, useful, and completely readable. Bill Knaus has produced an idea and a workbook that should be bought by every parent who had a child like me. If I had this book fifty years ago, many arguments with my parents and teachers could have been avoided. My problem was that I had no idea about how to tackle homework and projects, because they always seemed huge and daunting. Learning how to break big assignments into manageable parts and to set tangible goals would have done wonders for me. It took me decades to learn what Knaus can teach in minutes. Buy this book.”
—Derek Paar, PhD, professor in the department of psychology at Springfield College, MA

“Bill Knaus has created a very useful guide for students of any age who have struggled with procrastination, and want to be college and/or career ready. Looking back on my experience as a high school teacher, high school principal, and school district superintendent, it was rare for me to see students that did not toil, in one way or another, with procrastination. I can see that this book would have been a tremendous help for any student who has left the dreaded book report for the last day (probably night) of Christmas vacation. If this sounds like you, this book is for you.”
—Keith R. Burke, former school administrator, and consultant to the New Hampshire Department of Education and other school districts throughout New England

Overcoming Procrastination for Teens shows how to build powerful mental skills and use self-organizing tools to succeed in college preparation classes, and later in college. Along with engaging examples of teens meeting tough challenges, each new chapter builds on the one that came before it to create a pyramid of knowledge for success. I strongly recommend it.”
—Susan Tapper, EdD, professor emeritus in health education at San Francisco State University, and instructor for the University of San Diego Extension Program for Teacher Education Credentialing

“In this engaging and highly accessible book, psychologist Bill Knaus masterfully lays out useful strategies for overcoming procrastination habits that often lead students to underperform and suffer needless stress. Using metaphors such as the Frog, and the Spirit of Reason, he artfully drives home valuable life lessons, and then provides numerous skill-building exercises for internalizing rational anti-procrastination thinking and acting. This is the only book of its kind. All students—from high school through graduate school—should place a copy in their backpacks and read it!”
—Elliot D. Cohen, PhD, professor and chair in the department of humanities at Indian River State College, FL

“Hats off to Bill Knaus. Overcoming Procrastination for Teens is a veritable feast—a smorgasbord of practical, usable, and effective cognitive and behavioral strategies for the high schooler, the college student, and anyone, for that matter who wishes to eliminate procrastination and make their goals a reality. It feeds the needs of the student, his or her parent, and those practitioners, like myself, who are called upon to help those already starved for success because of procrastination. Bon Appetit!”
—Russell Grieger, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice, an organizational consultant, and adjunct professor at the University of Virginia

“The most frustrating, hair-pulling moments for parents occur when their teenager avoids, delays, or stubbornly resists doing their homework or other responsibilities. In this brilliantly conceived book, Bill Knaus throws a lifeline to both parents and teens by explaining what psychological processes are operating behind the procrastination and indecision, and then provides dozens of straightforward tips and techniques to overcome this problem. This groundbreaking book should be on every family’s bookshelf!”
—Barry Lubetkin, PhD, ABPP, director and founder of the Institute for Behavior Therapy in New York City, NY

“Written in an easy-to-understand, conversational style, Overcoming Procrastination for Teens provides wise ideas for teens (and their parents) on defeating procrastination. The reader will find engaging examples, where teens learn from teens, and where metaphors and stories make key ideas memorable. Teens who try just a few of these methods, and give themselves half a chance, are likely to gain a lot.”
—William L. Golden, PhD, licensed psychologist with a private practice in New York City and Briarcliff Manor, NY; author of several books; and faculty member at Cornell Medical College

“Bill Knaus’ narrative style not only presents essential information in a highly reader-friendly way, but will also help readers retain the important aspects of the material. What’s more, his emphasis on encouraging active participation with a variety of concrete and clearly illustrated tasks will almost certainly engage and reward the reader. Simply put, a must-read (and do) for any college-bound student grappling with the challenges of procrastination. Indeed, I plan to use it in my practice with many adults in addition to my adolescent clients, college-bound or not!”
—Clifford N. Lazarus, PhD, licensed psychologist, and cofounder and director at the Lazarus Institute for Multimodal CBT

“Dear college-bound teen—don’t leave your future to chance. Prepare now for the challenging road ahead. Learn to reduce procrastination and optimize your successes with Bill Knaus’ gift for boosting your effectiveness. When you get to college, you’ll be glad you did.”
—Deborah Steinberg, MSW, psychotherapist, former supervisor and board member at the Albert Ellis Institute, mindfulness facilitator, and coauthor of How to Stick to a Diet

“Bill Knaus has worked his way into the world of procrastinator thinking, and nailed the solutions to the ‘putting it off’ mentality. His solution takes the young (and not so young) procrastinator by the hand and provides the tools to getting it done!”

—Joel Block, PhD, ABPP, diplomate of the American Board of Professional Psychology, and assistant clinical professor of psychology and psychiatry at Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine

“In Overcoming Procrastination for Teens, Bill Knaus shows young people how to overcome a great barrier to using their talents effectively—themselves! I strongly recommend this research-grounded book not only to teen readers, but also to their parents and to the counselors who work with teens who struggle with procrastination.”
—Mike Abrams, PhD, MBA, ABPP, licensed psychologist, New York University faculty member, psychotherapist supervisor at the Albert Ellis Institute, and author and coauthor of four books

“In spite of our best intentions, we often do exactly the wrong thing at the expense of our future selves. Teenagers especially can benefit by learning to hack their tendencies towards inaction and distraction by understanding and applying Bill Knaus’ lucid and practical approach.”
—Nando Pelusi, PhD, clinical psychologist, founding member of Applied Evolutionary Psychology Society, and contributing editor for Psychology Today

“Procrastination can profoundly affect a teen’s life by contributing to poor grades, high dropout rates, and delayed graduation from college. Bill Knaus, the leading authority on the subject of procrastination, advances our understanding of how and why we often don’t do what’s best for ourselves, and how to change for the better. Each chapter overflows with useful examples and practical suggestions for overcoming this vexing problem. Knaus’ step-by-step prescriptions will greatly benefit any teen hoping to increase success in or out of school.”
—Ronald Murphy, PhD, practicing clinical psychologist for over forty years, former professor at New York University, and supervisor of graduate clinical trainees in the doctoral program in clinical psychology at Teachers College of Columbia University

OvercomingProcrastination for Teens is a must-read for those with acute or chronic procrastination. The book offers practical and useful evidence-based techniques and strategies to conquer a student’s worst habit—procrastination. Not only is this a useful book for college-bound students, but also for health professionals—especially those who provide student counseling services.”
—Sam Klarreich, PhD, psychologist, author, advisor, senior-level consultant, and president of The Berkeley Centre for Effectiveness, and The Centre for Rational Emotive Therapy

“My most challenging encounters in facilitating over three thousand SMART Recovery meetings have been with groups of teens. Until I read Bill Knaus’ current addition to his oeuvre, I was oblivious to how pervasive procrastination was in inhibiting teens from succeeding in their college studies or in stopping an addiction. Addressing procrastination using Knaus’ pragmatic approach should go a long way towards avoiding the often-failed ‘New Year’s Resolution’ approach to success. I’ll happily add ideas from this book to what I do.”
—Joe Gerstein, MD, FACP, retired professor at Harvard Medical School, and founding president of SMART Recovery

“Teen procrastination is no match for the magic of psychologist Bill Knaus. His comprehensive study of this challenging problem has yielded a book that is chock-full of practical strategies that will move regular teens to become remarkable ones. He shares his innovative concepts through parables, metaphors, and stories that will reach even the hardcore procrastinating teen. If you work with teens, live with teens, or are a teen, this book is for you.”
—Jon Carlson, PsyD, EdD, ABPP, distinguished professor at Adler University in Chicago, IL

“Except, perhaps, for depression, nothing has killed more dreams and aspirations than procrastination. This present book is the glorious culmination of the journey Bill Knaus started decades ago to help people overcome procrastination. What could be better than putting both his new innovations and tried-and-true methods to work to beat procrastination in the teen years? The book is outstanding and I highly recommend it to not only teens but to everyone.”
—Sanjay Singh, MD, DNB, PhD, professor of dermatology at the Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India

“Bravo! I am used to Bill Knaus hitting a home run with his books, but in his latest, Overcoming Procrastination for Teens, he knocked it out of the park! This leading authority on overcoming procrastination uses a unique storytelling approach to show how to navigate through one of the most difficult times in a teen’s life. If you are a teen, or a parent of a teen, buy the book. It’s an indispensable guide to academic success and beyond.”
—Vincent E. Parr, PhD, clinical psychologist at the Institute for Rational Living ZRL in Tampa, FL

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