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The Power of Two Workbook

The Power of Two Workbook
Communication Skills for a Strong & Loving Marriage




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ISBN: 9781572243347
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About the Book

The Power of Two Workbook teaches the communication and conflict resolution skills that can enable you to enjoy a great marriage. With this practical step-by-step guide you’ll learn how to evoke interest, not antagonism, when you speak about sensitive issues; and to listen without becoming defensive. You’ll discover secrets to effective dialogue, techniques for cleaning up after inadvertent "toxic spills," and ways to ensure that apologies yield healing—plus you’ll learn the three-step waltz of smooth shared decision-making, how to keep the anger ceiling low, and strategies for converting moments of anger into powerful opportunities for learning and growth.

With each chapter you’ll acquire key skills for a happier, more gratifying marriage. A host of engaging practice exercises give you a chance to repeat each skill often enough that it can become yours.


Susan Heitler (Author)
Susan Heitler, PhD, is a clinical psychologist whose publications—including The Power of Two and The Power of Two Workbook—have become classics in their fields. Heitler is a graduate of Harvard University and earned her doctorate from New York... Read more

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Abigail Heitler Hirsch, MA, formerly a teacher and math curriculum writer, is now completing her training as a clinical psychologist. She lives in Falmouth, MA.

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“Susan Heitler and Abigail Hirsch have written a gem of a book that will help couples, whether newlywed or long-married, break out of the marital gridlock. No matter how solid your marriage, the skills and strategies clearly outlined here offer do-able ways to unscramble problems with which you’ve struggled—as well as new ones that crop up along the way.”
—Margery D. Rosen, contributor to the long-running column, “Can This Marriage Be Saved?” in Ladies Home Journal

The Power o f Two Workbook is wonderfully sensible and user-friendly. It’s aimed at real people coping with the real problems of living together—particularly new couples, and those with pretty good marriages and very good intentions but a faulty instruction book on life and relationships. This workbook is wise, optimistic, and a lot of fun.”
—Frank Pittman, MD, author of Grow Up! How Taking Responsibility Can Make You a Happy Adult

“This workbook is deceptively fun to fill out. The exercises help to develop skills that can make all the difference between a difficult marriage and a loving partnership.”
—Marilyn Van Derbur, former Miss America and author of Miss America by Day

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