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The premier publisher of books on contextual behavioral psychology

To keep up with the growing demand for authoritative resources on mindfulness and acceptance-based therapy, cofounder of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), psychologist and New Harbinger author Steven C. Hayes created Context Press. These books provide new research related to ACT and the larger third wave of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Context offers powerful tools for mental health clinicians, researchers, advanced students, and anyone interested in the growth of mindfulness and acceptance strategies.

When Hayes founded Context Press in 1989, interest in behavioral psychology was waning and established academic publishers were not serving the field. For years, Context Press was located in Hayes’ home, and it’s daily operations were carried out by a long list of undergraduate and graduate student volunteers from the University of Nevada. Today that list of volunteers reads like a “who’s who” in behavior analysis and behavioral psychology. 

In the years that followed, the field of psychology itself began to change. Contextual behavioral psychology itself grew. The Association for Behavior Analysis expanded; an interest in new approaches to language and cognition solidified; third generation behavioral and cognitive therapy arrived; acceptance and commitment therapy exploded; relational frame theory gained traction; and the Association for Contextual Behavior Science was founded and began to thrive. Context Press played a central role in all of those scientific and professional stories by publishing and—in some cases—reviving important books in behavior analysis. 

In 2009, New Harbinger acquired Context Press from Hayes, who remains an active advisory editor to the imprint. Today Context Press continues to grow, along with the new and dynamic field of contexual behavior science. These books for scholars and clinical professionals will continue to further knowledge development and advances in behavioral technology for decades to come.