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Us is a masterful rendering of the life and relationships of Margaret, a young woman tortured by her struggle with dissociative identity disorder, written by psychologist Dr. Matthew McKay.

Dissociative Identity Disorder, a severe and controversial psychological disorder, is characterized by the presence of two or more distinct identity states or personalities. Treatment is aimed toward ultimately integrating the multiple personalities. Us is the story of a woman who chooses to live her life without undergoing this recommended integration, and wants her boyfriend, Walker, to accept her as she is-alternating between a frightened child, an angry male adolescent, a bawdy southern belle, and a suicidal woman who seems to belong nowhere. Us explores the question of what happens in relationships when one is damaged, but seeks acceptance as opposed to being “fixed.” As Margaret teeters at the edge of self-destruction, Us examines the far limits of what can be given in the name of love.

Publisher Reviews
  • Reading Matthew McKay's Us, I learned a lot about dissociative identity disorder, but more than that, I thought a lot about love itself. Matthew McKay asks hard questions about human relationships. His answers may surprise you.”

    -Chris Huntington, author of the Fabri Prize-winning novel Mike Tyson Slept Here

  • Writing with urgency and insight, poet and psychologist Matthew McKay leads us on a journey to the deepest and darkest places in the human heart.”

    -Barbara Quick, author of Vivaldi's Virgins


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