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10 Simple Solutions to Adult ADD
How to Overcome Chronic Distraction and Accomplish Your Goals
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Managing attention-deficit disorder (ADD) as an adult is a constant challenge. You may notice that your mind sometimes wanders during conversations. Maybe you keep misplacing your keys. Or your ADD may be causing bigger problems in your life, making it difficult to keep in touch with friends and family and leading you to procrastinate on important projects.

10 Simple Solutions to Adult ADD offers ten easy ways to better manage your symptoms and live better with ADD. Written by noted author and acclaimed psychotherapist Stephanie Sarkis, who has used these solutions to personally overcome her ADD symptoms, this concise and clear new edition offers the latest treatment information to help you sharpen your focus, improve your relationships, and manage your time and money.

Publisher Reviews
  • “As usual, Stephanie Sarkis has done a masterful job of assembling a countless number of tips and strategies to improve the lives of adults with ADD. Whether you’re brand new to the diagnosis or an experienced old-timer, you will find plenty of useful ideas. Don't let this book's small size fool you—it's loaded with great stuff.”
    —Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA, author of Understand Your Brain, Get More Done; More Attention, Less Deficit; and Integrative Treatment for Adult ADHD

  • “Sarkis combines her wealth of information with the latest research findings for an enriched second edition of this popular book. The book is concise and to the point on issues that challenge adults with ADD and their families. Skills offered in this book will enhance daily productivity and self-confidence, leading to a more satisfying life. Buy the book and use what she has to offer. It can only help.”
    —David W. Goodman, MD, assistant professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and director at Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Center of Maryland

  • “Stephanie Sarkis has given me a terrific guide for the next phase of my life as I enter medical school. She dispels the myths about ADD and presents the latest research in a way everyone can understand.”
    —Blake E. S. Taylor, author of ADHD and Me and medical student at Columbia University

  • “Adults with ADD want and need a simple, practical plan that works to help tame the chaos in their lives, and that's exactly what Stephanie Sarkis gives them in the second edition of 10 Simple Solutions to Adult ADD. Expanded to include the latest technology and research, Sarkis includes easy-to-follow strategies for everyday problems from remembering to take your medication to tiding up your closet. I know I’ll continue to recommend this book as a must-have for all adults with ADD.”
    —Patricia O. Quinn, MD, director of the National Center for Girls and Women with AD/HD

  • “Stephanie Sarkis shows you how to jump-start your life and plow through any obstacles in 10 Simple Solutions to Adult ADD. These easy-to-read and easy-to-use tools will take your life to the next level. An eloquent and engaging guide to thriving with adult ADD.”
    —Lara Honos-Webb, PhD, author of The Gift of Adult ADD

  • “Part roadmap and part condensed travel guide, 10 Simple Solutions to Adult ADD hits the highlights of medication, organization, and self-care. Sarkis’ to-the-point prose and realistic strategies help keep you on track.”
    —Gina Pera, award-winning journalist and author of Is It You, Me, or Adult ADD?

  • 10 Simple Solutions to Adult ADD is a straightforward, honest book jam-packed with valuable tips and strategies. Stephanie Sarkis writes as if she is standing right with you, coaching you through various aspects of the ADD life. Each chapter stands alone and is filled with techniques that you can start using right now to achieve the balance that is essential for a happy, healthy life.”
    —Roberto Olivardia, PhD, clinical instructor in the department of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and clinical associate in psychology at McLean Hospital


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