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Living with Your Heart Wide Open
How Mindfulness and Compassion Can Free You from Unworthiness, Inadequacy, and Shame
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The way we talk to ourselves is often unkind and filled with self-judgments. These overly harsh self-criticisms can make us feel unworthy and incomplete. What if what you really need is not higher standards for yourself, but greater self-compassion? In Living with Your Heart Wide Open, you’ll discover how mindfulness and self-compassion can free you from the thoughts and beliefs that create feelings of inadequacy and learn to open your heart to the loving-kindness within you and in the world around you. 
Based in Western psychotherapy and Buddhist psychological principles, this book guides you past painful and self-limiting beliefs about yourself and toward a new perspective of nonjudgmental awareness and acceptance of who you are, just as you are. You’ll receive gentle guidance in mindfulness and compassion practices that will lead you away from unproductive, self-critical thoughts and help you live more freely and fearlessly, with your heart wide open.
Publisher Reviews
  • “A bold new book that shows how engaging with mindful awareness and compassion can allow us to step out from behind conditional and limiting self-driven narratives and into a more openhearted embrace of our lives.”
    —Zindel V. Segal, PhD, author of The Mindful Way Through Depression

  • “How we focus our attention can transform our lives and rewire our brains toward a healthier, more compassionate way of being. Living with Your Heart Wide Open is a practical, step-by-step guide that teaches us how to cultivate our awareness so that we can develop more resilient minds and enjoy lives of inner clarity and kindness. Freedom from the prison of a life on automatic pilot rests within these powerful and poetic pages.” —Daniel J. Siegel, MD, author of Mindsight

  • Living with Your Heart Wide Open is both healing and awakening. By questioning and transforming the many false and negative ways we understand ourselves, we find the joy of liberation.”
    —Jack Kornfield, PhD, author of The Wise Heart, A Path with Heart, and After the Ecstasy, the Laundry

  • “The way you talk to yourself, including that murmur in the back of your head, continually shapes your outlook, your mood, and the circuits in your brain. In a warm, down-to-earth, and wonderfully useful way, Living with Your Heart Wide Open shows you how to change that storyline for the better for greater confidence and happiness, resilience in the face of stress, and peace of mind.”
    —Rick Hanson, PhD, author of Buddha's Brain

  • “A bedside book for the heart. A daily reading in healing for the part of us we have put aside for later. A letting-go of our forgetfulness of how very beautiful we essentially are. A turning toward oneself with loving-kindness.”
    —Stephen Levine, author of Healing into Life and Death, Who Dies?, and Meetings at the Edge

  • “It has been said that the teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his or her wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own. If you want to access your inner wisdom, this is a book you want by your side. If you want to live in accord with your higher power, if you want to be inspired by your experience of life, you should know that this is a book filled with reliable and authentic support.”
    —John Robbins, author The Food Revolution, The New Good Life, and Diet For a New America


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