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The Sex Addiction Workbook
Proven Strategies to Help You Regain Control of Your Life
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It’s a hunger never satisfied for some of us: the allure of singles’ bars and strip clubs, party lines and X-rated Internet sites that can show us whatever we want to see. An uncontrollable need for sexual gratification, just like an addiction to alcohol or drugs, can cause serious problems for anyone. If you believe you’re struggling with a serious sexual disorder or just wish you could more easily manage sexual behaviors that interfere with your life, you’ve found, in this book, a real chance to radically transform your life.

This is not a book that makes a lot of black and white, right and wrong judgments about sexual behavior. Despite what you might have heard—or even believe—it is possible to have problems with sexual self-control and still be a good person and a valuable member of your family and community. Without taking a strong moral position on all sexual behaviors, the scientifically-based techniques in this book guide you to making better sexual choices that are in line with your own values. Using the book’s evaluation worksheets, assess the level of your sexual self-control problem. Utilize its exercises to modify the thoughts and behaviors associated with sexual patterns you want to change. Support your goals with relapse prevention techniques that stress self-acceptance. By following the program in this book, privately and whenever you choose, you will learn how to lead a sexually fulfilling life that still promises you security, stability, and peace of mind.

Publisher Reviews
  • "This is a excellent book. It speaks directly to individuals with sexual addiction problems in a down-to-earth and respectful manner. The easy style does not disguise the fact that sexual addiction problems are serious and damaging both to victims and the individuals themselves. The quality of the psychological knowledge contained in the book is first rate and the book is beautifully written. It is obvious that Sbraga and O'Donohue have total mastery of their subject matter and are compassionate yet challenging therapists. This book would be an ideal adjunct to therapy or a valuable treatment resource for individuals wanting to work on sexual addiction problems on their own. I am sure it will become a classic."
    —Tony Ward, Ph.D., clinical director of the School of Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, and coauthor of Sexual Deviance: Issues and Controversies and Remaking Relapse Prevention with Sex Offenders


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