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Healing the Trauma of Abuse
A Women's Workbook
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Trauma can turn your world upside down; afterward, nothing may look safe or familiar. And, if you are a woman, studies show that you are twice as likely than your male counterparts to suffer from the effects of a traumatic event sometime during your life. Whether the trauma is physical, sexual, or emotional, these events can overwhelm you, destroying your sense of being in control and altering your attachments to others. If left unaddressed, the resulting psychological trauma can lead you to a wide range of destructive symptoms like anxiety, depression, substance abuse, phobias, personality disorders, flashbacks, emotional numbing, and nightmares. This book offers proven-effective, step-by-step exercises you can use to work through and minimize the consequences of a traumatic event.

Publisher Reviews
  • “This is a powerful workbook. I recovered a part of me that I thought was lost forever. I finally got the answers to a lot of unanswered questions that I’d had for a long time. Things finally started to make sense.”
    —Penny, a survivor

  • “This work is empowering. Copeland and Harris’s workbook was an integral part of helping me unpack my trauma baggage. It’s a ‘must have’ book for any woman dealing with the devastating effects of trauma.”
    —Yvonne, a survivor

  • “I don’t think I was even aware of how much pain I was in until I started the recovery process. By the time I finished the thirty-third session, I felt like I’d been released from a prison and could begin experiencing life without fear and dread.”
    —Anis, a survivor

  • Healing the Trauma of Abuse should not only help break new ground in the mental health field, but offer individuals skills that will give them the personal power to heal. I congratulate Mary Ellen and Maxine for taking on this task and delivering a wonderful tool for us to use.”
    —David W. Hilton, Director, Office of Consumer Affairs, New Hampshire Division of Behavioral Health


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