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Changes in Women's Health After 35
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Perimenopause encompasses a life transition that begins for most women with subtle physiological changes in the mid-thirties, gathers pace in the forties, and culminated with menopause. It’s common to experience a bewildering array of symptoms, including hot flashes, mood swings, irregular menstruation, unexplained fatigue, and trouble sleeping.

The second edition of this popular self-help guide explains why the changes occur and presents the best strategies for dealing with them. The authors show women what they can do to cope with symptoms and offer practical suggestions for minimizing the long-term health risks that can occur as a result of menopause. Throughout, their goal is to energize and empower readers to manage their own transition through perimenopause in ways that will ensure health and vitality in the years ahead.

New in the Second Edition:

  • Expanded chapter on alternative health options
  • Relevance and updated facts about heart disease, osteoporosis, and breast cancer
  • Revised guidelines for birth control and infertility procedures
  • Latest word on hormones, hormone balancing, and hormone replacement
  • New help for PMS and incontinence

Publisher Reviews
  • Huston and Lanka's book is a comprehensive and conventional medical guide to this wide span of years, which begins in a woman's thirties.... The goal is to empower women to manage their symptoms while minimizing their risks of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Recommended.
    -Library Journal

    An excellent overview of the resources allopathic medicine recommends to women as they age, the book reflects both authors' experiences as ob/gyn doctors.
    -Yoga Journal

  • “This book is so timely and thorough for women over 25. Thank you so much for what you have done for women.”
    —Laura Buxton, anchor, Morning News, KUSI TV, San Diego

  • “It’s really a comprehensive women’s health book. You should have it on your shelf.”
    —Leslie Gold and Laurie Kramer, hosts of Two Chicks Dishin’, WRKO, Boston


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