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Listening to Depression
How Understanding Your Pain Can Heal Your Life
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A New Way of Thinking About Depression

What does it really mean to be depressed? You know depression as a collection of symptoms—fatigue, listlessness, feelings of worthlessness—and the source of more than a little pain. But depression is also a signal that something in your life is wrong and needs to be healed. Too often, though, we try to cut off or numb our feelings of depression instead of listening carefully to what they are telling us about our lives. Listening to Depression offers insightful ways to reframe depression as a gift that can help you transform your life for the better.

Each chapter discusses a different aspect of depression as a positive opportunity for growth or change. Depression can be the start of a reorientation in life, a step in the search for meaning, or a chance for letting go of hurtful aspects of the self. It can also be a chance to deal with grief and loss and learn to expand your potential. The book concludes with a section of advice about when it is important to defend against depression and how best to go about it when the need arises.

Publisher Reviews
  • This much needed addition to the literature is a must-read for all who are struggling with depression.
    -Mira Kirshenbaum, author of The Emotional Energy Factor and Everything Happens for a Reason

    If depression could talk, and if you could listen, it would jump up and down, saying, "I'm trying my best to tell you something. Please listen to me!" If you let this book show you how to listen, you and your world can be so much better! This is my gift to you!
    -Alvin R. Mahrer, Ph.D., professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Ottawa, Canada, and author of The Complete Guide to Experiential Psychotherapy

    Is depression a gift? This book by Honos-Webb makes a strong and provocative case that despite its accompanying pain, depression provides an opportunity to take stock and start anew. Written with sensitivity and intelligence, The Gift of Depression is both important and accessible. It deserves the careful attention of all.
    -Christopher Peterson, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and author of A Primer in Positive Psychology

    The Gift of Depression is one of those break-through books that can profoundly alter your view of yourself. If you have ever been depressed-or are even now feeling confused or uncertain about what to do next-this book has the potential to turn on the light of understanding-maybe even of inspiration!
    -Carol Adrienne, Ph.D., author of The Purpose of Your Life


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