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The Power of Two
Secrets to a Strong and Loving Marriage
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This book details the communication and conflict-resolution skills that happy couples use to deal with differences. Psychologist Susan Heitler clarifies the basics of collaborative dialogue and shows how these techniques can be applied to even the most sensitive issues in ways that respond to both partners' needs and help to strengthen their relationship. Use this book to learn strategies for making decisions together, resolving conflicts, recovering after upsets, and converting difficulties into opportunities for growth.

Publisher Reviews
  • “Dr. Heitler teaches the skills that make marriages successful. With easy-to-remembre guidelines and entertaining examples, she shows us how to deepen intimacy, resolve conflicts, and create satisfying dialogue to insure a joyful and lasting marriage.”
    —John Gray, author of Men Are from Mars, Women are from Venus

  • “Put an end to the clashes that typify unhappy marriages. In a lucid, user-friendly format, Susan Heitler provides many practical and effective strategies for doing so.”
    —Arnold A. Lasarrus, Ph.D., Rutgers University

  • “Dr. Heitler has synthesized the meat of martial therapy into one succinct volume. Reading—and sharing— The Power of Two should be the first line of defense for any couple seeking to strengthen their marriage.”
    —Diane Medved, Ph.D., author of The Case Against Divorce and coauthor of The American Family: Discovering Values That Make Us Strong

  • The Power of Two is outstanding for couples seeking to understand themselves and each other better. If enough couples follow these guidelines, we would rapidly move to a new world order where marriage is transformed into a true partnership.”
    —Monica McGoldrick, Director, Family Institute of New Jersey, and author of Ethnicity and Family Therapy and Genograms in Family Assessment


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