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Five Good Minutes in the Evening
100 Mindful Practices to Help You Unwind from the Day and Make the Most of Your Night
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What's a typical weeknight like for you? Do you leave your workplace, endure the evening commute, putter around the house, race through dinner, and collapse into bed-only to discover that it's time to go to work again? That's no way to live! You can leave tension at the office and the traffic on the highway. Just five good minutes stand between a stressful workday and a restorative evening of calm, serenity, and joy.

Five Good Minutes® in the Evening offers 100 engaging practices that lead you out of a hectic day and into a peaceful night. From the authors of Five Good Minutes, this collection of mindfulness exercises, positive visualizations, and affirmations can become a powerful force for change in your life. In no time at all, the five good minutes you give yourself in the evening can help you transform the mundane into the extraordinary and renew your vitality and passion for life.

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Publisher Reviews
  • “This is good advice. Anybody can find five minutes most evenings for dropping to the present moment and touching what is deepest and best in oneself. If you do it lovingly and regularly, those five minutes will be good and good for you in more ways than you can imagine.”
    —Jon Kabat-Zinn, author of Coming to Our Senses

  • “The real gift lying at the heart of this book is the surprising discovery that so much change can result from small daily investments. Brantley and Millstine's gentle, engaging exercises lead the reader effortlessly into a daily rhythm of reconnection and mindfulness. The resulting sense of purposefulness and balance is priceless. This is a book you'll feel compelled to share with friends and loved ones alike.”
    —Dana Landis, Ph.D., life coach in private practice


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