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Borderline Personality Disorder
A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed
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Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a mood disorder marked by extreme, fluctuating emotions, black-and-white thinking, problems with interpersonal relationships, and in extreme cases, self-harm. If you have recently been diagnosed with BPD, you likely have many questions. What treatment options are available? How do you tell your friends and loved ones? And what are the common side-effects of medication?

A diagnosis of BPD can definitely change your life, but it can also be a catalyst for personal transformation and growth. In Borderline Personality Disorder: A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed, two renowned experts on BPD present an easy-to-read introduction to BPD for those who have recently been diagnosed. Readers will learn the most common complications of the illness, the most effective treatments available, and practical strategies for staying on the path to recovery.

This book is a part of New Harbinger Publication's Guides for the Newly Diagnosed series. The series was created to help people who have recently been diagnosed with a mental health condition. Our goal is to offer user-friendly resources that provide answers to common questions readers may have after receiving a diagnosis, as well as evidence-based strategies to help them cope with and manage their condition, so that they can get back to living a more balanced life.

Publisher Reviews
  • “This is a great (and unique) book for anyone who has received a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder (BPD), written by two experts who study and treat BPD. The features of BPD are described in very understandable terms, and there are clear suggestions for coping with these features and problems, as well as for understanding their impact. I highly recommend this book for those receiving the diagnosis, as well as for those with family members or friends with BPD.”
    -Timothy J. Trull, PhD, curators' professor of psychological sciences at the University of Missouri

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