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Mindfulness and Acceptance in Social Work
Evidence-Based Interventions and Emerging Applications
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Social work focuses on serving the most vulnerable members of society, and social workers must often address the contextual forces that contribute to human problems. Mindfulness and acceptance are powerful tools for this practice. By offering interventions like dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), social workers can help their clients become more aware and take effective action.

In Mindfulness and Acceptance in Social Work, editor and social worker Matthew S. Boone brings together contributions from emerging voices in social work, such as Elana Rosenbaum, Yuk-Lin Renita Wong, and Diana Coholic, along with ACT pioneers Kirk Strosahl, Patricia Robinson, and others. This book focuses not only on mindfulness-based interventions for direct practice, but also on the intersection of mindfulness and social work education, cultural diversity, and macro social work. It includes a framework for moving past culturally-informed biases, and for how to best utilize mindfulness interventions for both individuals and the community at large.

Publisher Reviews
  • “Matthew S. Boone has provided a significant collection of articles by experts in their respective fields that brings the reader up to date with recent developments in the emerging areas of mindfulness and acceptance practice. The authors draw upon their own practice and recent research to provide new concepts and interventions that can be integrated into any social worker's practice model. This is another example of the use of science (research) to enhance our practice artistry.”
    -Lawrence Shulman, MSW, EdD, emeritus professor and dean at the School of Social Work, University at Buffalo

  • “Matthew S. Boone's edited book on mindfulness and acceptance models for social work practice follows a rising movement in mental health and mind-body interventions. In his own introduction and first chapter, Boone anchors the underlying concepts in social work and evidence-based behavioral health practice, and provides clear examples of how these methods serve clients in great need. Written by social workers and their colleagues, the chapters cover a range of applications of mindfulness and acceptance treatments. The book's accessible and clear writing will be helpful for all who read it.”
    -Gail Steketee, PhD, dean and professor at Boston University School of Social Work
  • “Social workers: get ready for some brain yoga! This book is a refreshing compilation of articles by social workers for social workers in which ACT and other mindfulness-based interventions are comprehensively portrayed as flexible approaches to remediating many life transitions.”
    -Claudia Dewane, DEd, assistant chair and associate professor in the College of Health Professions and Social Work, Temple University

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