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Unlocking the Secrets of Self-Esteem
A Guide to Building Confidence and Connection One Step at a Time
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If you don't feel good about yourself, it can be difficult to reach your goals and live a happy, meaningful life. You may have already read countless books on building self-esteem, but after a while you end up right where you started-feeling like you just aren't good enough. So, what are the real secrets to genuine, lasting self-esteem?

Most books on self-esteem tell you that you should feel good about yourself, but they don't show you how to put self-esteem into action. In this book, psychologist Marie Hartwell-Walker offers a groundbreaking new approach to self-esteem based in mindfulness and positive psychology. This book provides practical, step-by-step strategies and skills to help you develop feelings of competency, gain resiliency, rebuild self-confidence, and feel good by engaging in positive actions.

Self-confidence is more than just a way of being-it's a way of doing! By taking steps to solve problems and overcome roadblocks by helping yourself (and others!), you will learn to practice self-confidence, rather than just think about it. If you're ready to learn the secrets to genuine self-esteem, and put what you've learned into action, this book will show you how.

Publisher Reviews
  • “The key to boosting your self-esteem is to change not just how you think, but what you do. That's the light bulb idea in Hartwell-Walker's eye-opening, empowering new book.”
    -Marianne Wait, health editor and writer
  • “This book is a winner! After convincing us that genuine self-esteem must combine doing good in the world with thinking good about yourself, it shows in clear, practical ways how to progress toward those goals. Hartwell-Walker's step-by-step approach for improving genuine self-esteem begins with a chapter on building one's initial commitment. This is followed by chapters on improved `self-care,' courage, positivity, and building rewarding relationships. The book is remarkable in that it advances the reader through a series of self-assessments that build upon one another. Hartwell-Walker is not only an experienced therapist and advice columnist, but also a skilled writer whose language is clear and accessible. She connects her readers with inspiring examples that make excellent reading.”
    -George Levinger, emeritus professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • “If you pick up a book on building self-esteem, you’d presumably like to feel better about yourself. Yet many of these guides simply cheer us on emptily, or provide us with anecdotes that just don’t fit. In Unlocking the Secrets of Self-Esteem, psychologist Marie Hartwell-Walker takes a different approach. … Walker doesn’t talk about cognitive techniques. She doesn’t tell us to talk back to our inner voice, and she doesn’t tell us to monitor our thoughts. What she does give us is a clear, effective guide, filled with tangible tools, all well-researched and user-friendly.”

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