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Mindfulness for Bipolar Disorder
How Mindfulness and Neuroscience Can Help You Manage Your Bipolar Symptoms
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In Mindfulness for Bipolar Disorder, psychiatrist and neuroscientist William R. Marchand provides an innovative, breakthrough program based in neuroscience and mindfulness practices to help you find relief from your bipolar symptoms.

If you have bipolar disorder, you may experience feelings of mania or high energy, followed by periods of depression and sadness. These unusual shifts in mood, energy, and activity levels can make it extremely difficult to carry out day-to-day tasks-and ultimately reach your goals. Finding balance may be a daily struggle, even if you are on medication or in therapy. So, what else can you do to start feeling better?

Mindfulness-the act of present moment awareness-may be the missing puzzle piece in effectively treating your bipolar disorder. In the book, you will learn how to actively work through feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress in order to improve the quality of your life. Written by a prominent psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and mindfulness teacher who draws upon his research experience and personal mindfulness practice as a monk in the Soto Zen tradition, this book will provide you with the tools needed to get your symptoms under control.

If you've sought treatment for bipolar disorder but are still struggling with symptoms, mindfulness may be the missing piece to solving the bipolar puzzle and taking back your life. This book will help you get started right away.

Publisher Reviews
  • “William Marchand brings together his knowledge and experience as a psychiatrist with his insight and wisdom as a mindfulness practitioner. The result is an informative guide, full of practical tools for managing bipolar disorder, enhancing well-being, and living a more fulfilled life.”
    —Paul Thielking, MD, assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Utah School of Medicine
  • Mindfulness for Bipolar Disorder integrates recent findings from clinical, scientific, and meditation communities to help one understand the reason for their struggles, describes the treatments currently available, and then honestly presents how adding mindfulness practice to one’s life will reduce suffering associated with bipolar disorder.”
    —Rev. Jim Daiko Bilskie, PhD, Soto Zen monk, veteran, and PhD in environmental physics
  • “Finally-a book written for real people, with an easy-to-follow plan of action. .William Marchand's compassionate wisdom brings to light a new way to manage bipolar disorder, and offers a step-by-step approach to using mindfulness, as well as numerous meditations. This book offers insightful wisdom from Marchand's perspective as both a psychiatrist and mindfulness teacher.”
    -Mary Beth Cooper, journalist, communications specialist, and avid supporter of mental health awareness
  • Mindfulness for BipolarDisorder extends far beyond management of bipolar symptoms. This easy-to-read, well-written book is a valuable resource for all humans, whether living with bipolar disorder, another chronic illness, or life in general (which can be a chronic condition). The practice of mindfulness is a gift, available to all, that will have a powerful impact on your life.”
    -Karen Dittrich, MD, discovered mindfulness and meditation after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis twenty-two years ago
  • “[Marchand's] book is a breakthrough in the advancement of the treatment of bipolar disorder, as a more intractable condition. In this book, readers will find a combination of scientific knowledge and the techniques of meditation as practiced for centuries. As a highly regarded psychiatrist, Marchand is able to offer proven methods for the cessation of suffering. By doing so, he has shown not only his professional acumen, but also his compassionate heart and wisdom in the service of others.”
    -Victor Perri, practicing Zen Buddhist and lawyer for over thirty years in areas including labor, employment, disability law, and civil rights
  • “In Mindfulness for Bipolar Disorder, Marchand offers a unique flavor of mindfulness practice for a serious and difficult mental illness. It combines well-balanced, ancient, traditional techniques with modern empirical, practical, and repeatable wisdom from Western science and medicine. Mindfulness for Bipolar Disorder covers a remarkably broad range of symptoms of the illness-including the quite nuanced, such as noticing the difference between `pleasure' and `happiness'-with pragmatic tools and techniques for their management. Marchand's style of writing is not only accessible and easy to understand but is also influenced by deep kindness and compassion for his patients. Readers can expect to have the sense that their condition is not a hopeless and untenable disorder, but rather a challenging set of symptoms that can be managed with relatively simple mindfulness-based practices.”
    -Adam Shishin Lintz, husband, father, student of and practitioner in the Soto Zen tradition, software architect, and martial artist
  • “Marchand's caring professionalism comes through in spades in his insightful and compassionately written book, Mindfulness for Bipolar Disorder. With a clear understanding of the science behind both bipolar disorder and mindfulness practice, Marchand honors readers' unique struggles, while encouraging hope for a better future. If you buy one book on bipolar disorder, make it this one.”
    -Erica Marken, Soto Zen Buddhist who serves on the board of directors for Two Arrows Zen Center in Salt Lake City, UT

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