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Sex, Drugs, Gambling, and Chocolate
A Workbook for Overcoming Addictions
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There is an alternative to 12-step! You can reduce almost any type of addictive behavior -- from drinking to sex, eating, and the Internet -- with this practical and effective workbook. Treats addictive behaviors in general, not one at a time -- because if you’re prone to addictions, you’ve probably got more than one. Addictive behavior can result from the use of almost any substance, or involvement in almost any activity. The harm that results from the addictive behavior, and the individual's difficulty in controlling it, is what matters. Supported by scientific research, Dr. Horvath approaches addiction as a bad habit, not a disease. He emphasizes taking responsibility, without requiring an allegiance to a "higher power," and teaches general principles of addictive behavior change, so readers can apply them as often as they need. Horvath teaches the consequences (and even possible benefits) of addictive behavior, alternative coping methods, choice, understanding and dealing with urges, building a new lifestyle, preventing relapse. Includes dozens of exercises, self-study questions, guidelines for individual change plans.
Publisher Reviews
  • “...this workbook could be invaluable to the individual who is searching for a reasoned and scientifically researched set of methods for overcoming addiction... this workbook might even be lifesaving... If you are ready for an alternative approach to overcoming addiction, this workbook could make a big difference in your life!”
    G. Alan Marlatt, PhD, Professor of Psychology, University of Washington, Director of Addictive Behaviors Research Center
  • “...alcohol treatment programs in the U.S. have only slowly begun to offer [alternative] treatments... the best that science has to offer for overcoming addiction is not widely known... If you are considering treatment for yourself or another, you need to be aware of these alternatives... This workbook is a good place to learn about them... Try these strategies yourself and see how they can be helpful to you.”
    Reid K. Hester, PhD, Director, Research Division, Behavior Therapy Associates
  • “...frank and straightforward... a common sense and research-based alternative to 12-Step programs... a self-help manual with extensive detail, explanation, prudent advice... An invaluable resource.”
    Mark B. Sobell, PhD, Center for Psychological Studies, Nova Southeastern University
  • “...intelligent approach... extraordinary touch... Dr. Horvath has created a step-by-step program to overcome addictions... I recommend this book to all professionals interested in innovative and logical steps to enlist the patient's active involvement in treatment and recovery.”
    Rodrigo A. Munoz, MD, Past President, American Psychiatric Association
  • “...a common sense approach to a set of very difficult problems... For those who have an active curiosity about their trouble and can stay with it, what is offered here will help them understand what they are going through, broaden their understanding of the detail of where they have been, and help them change.”
    Robert A. Zucker, PhD, Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry and Psychology, University of Michigan
  • “I think this book could do the world a lot of good.”
    John J. Boren, PhD, Senior Scientist, Treatment Research Branch, National Institute on Drug Abuse, Retired

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