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Is That All There Is?
Balancing Expectation and Disappointment in Your Life
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You've finally reached the goal (a new home, job promotion, marriage...) that you thought would make you happy—but you’re not. What's wrong? Why are so many of us depressed, so unhappy in our personal lives? “...today we suffer from an unparalleled case of inflated hopes and expectations,” says Dr. David Brandt. “Disappointment flourishes in this environment.” Here’s the antidote: Is That All There Is? explains the psychology of disappointment, social influences that contribute to it, ways we deal with it, and how to convert it to a force for positive growth in our lives.
Publisher Reviews
  • “>A leading authority on disappointment.”
    U.S. News and World Report
  • “A fascinating examination of the dynamics of disappointment.”
    Hyde Park Tribune
  • “A fascinating examination of the dynamics of disappointment.”
    Saginaw News
  • “AN EXCELLENT SELF-HELP GUIDE... Brandt's insights are sound... and pertinent.”
    Publishers Weekly
  • “The first of its kind. Lucidly describes the forms disappointment takes and analyzes the functions it serves in our lives.”
    ALA Booklist
  • “A useful perspective for dealing with negative emotions”
    Science Books and Films

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