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Divorce Handbook for California
How to Dissolve Your Marriage Without Disaster
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“I wrote this to help you survive the dissolution of your marriage without the financial ruin most people face,” said Judge Stewart. His wise guidance shows readers how to: establish realistic expectations about divorce; find and hire a good attorney; control their attorney's actions and fees; use mediation and/or arbitration effectively; handle child and spousal support; protect children during the difficult times.
Publisher Reviews
  • &ldquot;Two thumbs up! This book should be required reading for anyone considering divorce. It is an invaluable and thoroughly readable guide through the maze of lawyers, judges, and legal doctrine.”
    The Honorable LaDoris H. Cordell, Judge of the Superior Court, State of California, Presiding Judge, Family Court, Santa Clara County
  • Divorce Handbook for California is the work of an intelligent judge concerned about families caught in one of life's most traumatic experiences. It is a must read for anyone going through the process.”
    Hugh McIsaac, LCSW, Director, Family Court Service, Los Angeles County
  • “This is a brave book, one that clearly steps outside the smugly self-protective rhetoric that too often cloaks the law and other professions. A genuine social contribution.”
    San Jose Mercury News
  • “Some attorneys will bristle at the brutally frank discussions of how the system operates, but others will smile as they see a judge 'telling it like it is.' The fact is, nearly every popular notion of divorce is dead wrong, and Judge Stewart punctures some of the most common myths like a marksman.”
    SPARC (Separated Parenting Access and Resource Center), www.deltabravo.net/custody
  • “...one of the finest, most perceptive publications dealing with California Family Law Practice.”
    Benson Schaffer, Family Law Commissioner - Ret., Los Angeles County

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