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Cool Cats, Calm Kids
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Today’s children are stressed—they need coping tools that are fun, informative and memorable. Cool Cats, Calm Kids is a practical, humorous guide to relaxation and stress management for children ages 7-12. Cats–with their “nine lives”—have learned “nine secrets for keeping cool and calm,” including #1: Take Catnaps (“Learning to Relax”); #3: Hiss…Puff Up! (“Stand up for yourself!”); and #9: Hang in There (“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again…”). In Cool Cats, Calm Kids cats are teachers, sharing their own techniques for relaxation and assertiveness. Includes an “Adult Purr-spective” section for parents, teachers, counselors.
Publisher Reviews
  • “A warm and playful book...children will learn a lot about self-esteem and how to relax from these furry friends!”
    Jack Canfield, co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul
  • “...offers practical exercises for today's kids in an easy-to-use format, with help from beautiful drawings of cats and kids...&rdquo
    The Pulse News Service, Brentwood, Missouri
  • &ldquot;...(an) amusing look at nine things cats do that kids can do as well when they are in stressful situations...Cool Cats...neatly delivers just what its subtitle promises: Relaxation and Stress Management for Young People.”
  • “What fun to read!...This is a purrfect book for children who love animals! It is full of cat wisdom and wonderful illustrations...puts a cheery light in your eyes and a pussycat smile on you face.”
    Dr. Pat Palmer, author, I wish I could hold your hand... and Teen Esteem
  • Cool Cats, Calm Kids is ‘must’ reading for anyone with a cat and a kid—or just a cat and themselves!”
    Midwest Book Review

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