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The Assertive Woman
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New, completely revised and updated edition of one of the most powerful self-help books ever. The Assertive Woman is the original assertiveness book for women, first published in 1975 and updated through four editions, with new material on personal relationships, assertiveness in the workplace, sexual harassment, domestic violence, and more. This outstanding resource for women is packed with personal vignettes, exercises, step-by-step procedures, and tips on expressing yourself with co-workers, lovers, family, friends, and strangers. The Assertive Woman debunks the tired old myths and stereotypes of women bosses, stay-at-home moms, and “bully broads,” and superwomen, and presents a refreshing, positive alternative. Written in an easy-to-read, upbeat, motivational style, with warm, personal, and practical guidance for every woman who wants to improve herself, restore balance, say no and draw the line with confidence, make the right choices, and face up to new challenges and changes in her life.
Publisher Reviews
  • “...guide to a more rewarding life for women...”
    King Features Syndicate
  • “...a must for any woman...”
    Doubleday Book Club
  • “...a clear choice, worthy of attention, and meriting critical acclaim. The Assertive Woman continues to be an invaluable source of support and realistic answers for women and will continue to perform that role for whole new generations of women readers.”
    The Midwest Book Review
  • “...more than a book, it is a process... clearly written... good reading.”
    Los Angeles Times

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