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After Your Divorce
Creating the Good Life on Your Own
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It's over. The divorce is final, your ex is out of your house and—mostly—out of your life. Now what? Are you ready to get on with your life? Do you have dreams, plans, skills, energy for what comes next? And will you be making it happen, or letting it happen? MacGregor and Alberti have prepared a friendly, straightforward manual of advice and suggestions that assumes every woman is capable of handling life on her own. Help for emotional recovery (MacGregor is a “survivor,” Alberti is a psychologist), practical matters (finances, home maintenance), dealing with your ex, helping your children to cope (“we didn't divorce you!”), and much, much more.
Publisher Reviews
  • “This is an excellent resource for women facing the challenges of reconstructing rich and full lives after divorce. In this easy-to-read guide, MacGregor and Alberti provide clear pathways and practical information for coping with the complex changes in the aftermath of divorce.
    Constance R. Ahrons author, The Good Divorce and We're Still Family.
  • “One of the worst things about getting a divorce is feeling that you're all alone against the world. But after reading, After Your Divorce, you will feel as though you have a team at your side offering you compassionate support and wise counsel. The chapters on children are priceless.”
    Amy M. Owens, MA, The Singles Coach and author, Take Heart! Stories of Encouragement for Singles and The Itty Bitty Break-Up Book.
  • “Doesn't claim to hold all the answers, but is filled with thought-provoking questions to get women thinking 'What's next?' The depth of creativity and wide-ranging topics, presented in an easy-reading format makes this book accessible to everyone. I'll recommend it to all my clients.”
    Barbara Walton Mountjoy, attorney and author, 101 Little Instructions for Surviving Your Divorce.
  • “Any woman trying to adapt to the harsh realities of divorced life will find that this resourceful manual provides a realistic, accurate road map, with key behavioral milestones for health and growth.”
    Ohio Psychologist, March 2007.
  • After Your Divorce helps the divorcing woman cope with the A,B,C's of managing life after the divorce. A must read for all divorcing women!
    Jane Appell, PhD, psychologist and author, Divorce Doesn't Have to Be That Way.
  • “Comprehensive, practical, wise, compassionate: After Your Divorce is the best, most useful book for divorce survivors that I have ever seen.”
    Vic Bobb, co-author,The “I Love You” Book.
  • “Clear guidance in practical areas...highly recommended.”
    Library Journal

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