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The Parent's Handbook
Systematic Training for Effective Parenting
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One of the country's most popular parenting guides. Helps parents meet the challenges of raising a family today. The Parent's Handbook shows parents how they can become more knowledgeable, confident and successful in relating to their children. Discusses misbehavior, communication, encouragement, natural and logical consequences, family meetings, drug and alcohol abuse prevention.

The STEP approach to parenting is based on the belief that every child and every parent has equal human worth and dignity. All are entitled to mutual respect.  The system of discipline taught in STEP stresses this type of relationship.   The authors believe that parents should provide opportunities for children to make decisions, within limits, allowing children to be responsible for their decisions.

Other skills that are taught:

  • identifying the four goals of misbehavior
  • understanding  beliefs and feelings
  • encouraging  your child and yourself
  • reflective listening and I messages
  • helping children cooperate
  • discipline that makes sense

Each chapter has activities titled “This Week”, “Just for You” and “For Your Family”.  When you study and apply the STEP ideas, you are on your way to becoming a more effective parent, building a happy home.

There is a Spanish edition of this book available: Guía para los padres.

Publisher Reviews
  • “The STEP handbook is an easy-to-read guide with practical ideas that will help parents raise a confident and responsible child. It's a winner!”
    a parent educator, Melbourne, Florida
  • “The Parent's Handbook is one of the most useful pieces of parenting literature I have seen.”
    a family counselor, Boulder, Colorado
  • “The Parent'a Handbook has given me an entirely new perspective on how to deal with my children, as well as my husband.”
    a parent, Saratoga Springs, New York

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