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Awake in the Heartland
The Ecstasy of What Is
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Awake in the Heartland offers clear non-dual understanding, not in the abstract, but grounded in the actuality of daily life with all its messiness, complexity, uncertainty, paradox, and apparent imperfection. If there seems to be a gap between what the enlightenment books describe and what you find in your own life, if you still think enlightenment is something that will happen to you in the future (or not at all), if you're still chasing experiences or self-improvement, then this book may be just what you need to wake up to the truth that what you are seeking is already here. Awake in the Heartland takes a fresh look at questions of addiction, free will, good and evil, authority, and identity. It encourages the reader to look for themselves without clinging to old opinions or relying on outside authorities. Honest, funny, and profound, this is a book that invites you to discover who or what you really are.

An Amazon Reviewer writes: "Of all the books that I have read, Joan Tollifson's, “Awake In The Heartland, is the one book I want to share with all of my friends. Her story is unique in this genre in that Joan shares this material as if each and every reader were a long lost friend. Personal and open, deeply moving and alive, Joan invites us into her life with the absolute and uncompromising awareness of a true and genuine human being. I am very grateful to have found this powerful and clear expression of love and presence as it exists in the eternal now.”

Publisher Reviews
  • “There is a vibrant energy that emanates from the pages of this book that cannot help but resonate with an stir the same essence in the reader and awaken them to the ecstasy of what is—their own true nature. Because the personal story is so beautifully interwoven, the book answers the question so often asked by seekers: 'Yes, I understand BUT...How do I live my life?' Joan is constantly showing the reader, by personal example, that life lives itself as IS no matter WHAT appears.  I recommend it.”
    “Sailor” Bob Adamson, What's Wrong with Right Now Unless You Think About It?
  • “An excellent book. Joan has a gift for writing clearly. Her willingness to share her own very human story points out the ordinariness of realization and how things just continue on as they do...both before and after awakening.”
    Chuck Hillig, Looking for GOD and The Enlightenment Trilogy
  • “In her book Joan takes us on a journey that starts and ends where we already and always are. She illustrates this pathless path with humor, compassion and keen observations of human nature. Here descriptions of nature at large are vividly beautiful and remind me of Zen paintings. She pointys to the realm 'where the chariot of speech finds no tracks to go.' Enjoy!”
    Leo Hartong, Awakening to the Dream
  • “Thank you, Joan, for reminding me, in your plain & funny midwestern way, that there is absolutely nothing to attain.  Your book is a warrior's journal; a chronicle of surrendering to 'waht is' and finding beauty waiting.”
    Mike Stiler, Who Sees? Words and Pictures from Nowhere
  • “I loved reading about Joan's adventures in Awake in the Heartland. She clearly demonstrates by her own example that simply by living in recognition of our true nature as awareness, the agitated search for personal transcendence is dissolved into acceptance of life as it is, allowing the emergence of real peace and equanimity.”
    Nathan Gill, Already Awake

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