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Ordinary Freedom
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This book is about Freedom. It's not about a special state or condition called "Freedom," some idea or concept to be believed in; rather, it is about the recognition and realization of our essential nature. When we arrive in this moment and awaken to the truth of our existence, we discover that Freedom is completely ordinary. Ordinary, yet awesome. The recognition and realization of our essential nature is for many a gradual transition. The challenge of our generation is to find out how to support this transformation in the midst of our ordinary lives.

Adyashanti writes: “This wonderful collection of Jon's teachings really captures his ability to point us back to our own innate freedom. What makes Jon's teachings so powerful and relevant, though, is that no part of the human experience is denied. Indeed, there is an open encouragement for all of our human experience to be included and embraced as a means of discovering the infinite ground of being within which all of our experience unfolds. This in itself is a great gift to any spiritual seeker looking to find out what freedom is really all about.”

Publisher Reviews
  • “To find an accomplished spiritual teacher is a rare gift. To find a book that puts you in a most lively way in the presence of such a teacher is even more rare. But here it is! Jon Bernie’s Ordinary Freedom has all the power of the spoken word and vibrates with the overtones of that teacher’s caring, compassionate nearness. Deep, yet always simple; simple, yet never simplistic; clear, eloquent, and always to the point, Ordinary Freedom is not an ordinary book. It springs from freedom and breathes freedom. Caution: This book may be hazardous to your current level of consciousness! ”
    Brother David Steindl-Rast, OSB, author, lecturer, co-founder of www.gratefulness.org
  • “What a beautiful, simple, heartfelt message! The end of seeking is not something to be found in the future — it is right here, present at the very heart of experience, just waiting to be discovered by those who are ready and willing to come face-to-face with life. Jon Bernie expresses the timeless truth of non-duality (non-separation) in such a warm, authentically human voice. He meets you as a wise, loving friend — rather than as spiritual master or guru — and gently points out the various ways in which you are currently at war with your own experience. His message is rare and precious in that it does not attempt to deny or transcend our humanity, or dismiss it as an aberration, but rather embraces it fully as part of an infinitely bigger picture. Jon honours your embodied experience, whilst at the same time clearly and directly pointing you far beyond the personal, to a wordless freedom that belongs to no-one, and therefore is available to everyone. Read Ordinary Freedom and rediscover something that you have always known — that this seemingly ordinary life is already the miracle you’ve been seeking, and that here and now is forever saturated with wonder. This is mature, grounded spirituality for grown-ups, and I thoroughly recommend it.
    Jeff Foster, author of The Wonder of Being and An Extraordinary Absence.
  • “This wonderful collection of Jon's teachings really captures his ability to point us back to our own innate freedom.”
    —From the foreword by Adyashanti

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