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Don't Let Your Anxiety Run Your Life
Using the Science of Emotion Regulation and Mindfulness to Overcome Fear and Worry
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Anxiety is an epidemic in our modern world. But studies now show there is a direct link between anxiety and how you respond to emotions. Don’t Let Your Anxiety Run Your Life provides a groundbreaking, step-by-step guide for managing the thoughts and feelings that cause anxiety, worry, fear, and panic.

Are your emotions causing you anxiety? Emotions can be quite beneficial—they help us communicate with others, and are deeply connected to special and important memories in our lives. But sometimes, emotions can have unwanted consequences, especially when they cause us fear or anxiety.

Studies now show a direct link between emotion regulation and anxiety. Based in the latest research from a Yale University psychologist and professor, the simple yet powerful mindfulness tips in this book will help you stay calm, collected, and make significant improvements in your everyday life, whether at work, at home, or in your relationships.

This is the first book to present an integrated model of mindfulness and emotion regulation—both clinically proven for reducing anxiety symptoms. Using these easy mindfulness practices, you’ll learn to manage your emotions and lessen your anxiety, leading to improvements in your social life, work obligations, and family responsibilities.

Publisher Reviews
  • “Most experts agree that anxiety and the closely related emotion of fear are fundamental to the human condition, and serve a valuable function by helping us avoid danger, adapt, and even plan for the future. And yet in our society individuals spend billions of dollars yearly to rid themselves of anxiety. The problem is that these fundamental emotions so necessary for our survival become excessive and pervasive in some individuals to the extent that their lives become paralyzed. Fortunately, our understanding of the nature of these emotions has advanced dramatically in the past several decades. Now, two outstanding young clinicians and scientists studying the nature and treatment of anxiety have distilled their cutting-edge knowledge to provide an integrative, easy-to-read and apply program for excessive anxiety and fear. Representing the latest and most effective techniques available, every individual suffering from anxiety will benefit by becoming acquainted with this program.”
    —David H. Barlow PhD, ABPP, professor of psychology and psychiatry Emeritus at Boston University, and founder and director Emeritus of the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders
  • “In mental health treatment, there is an increasing appreciation of the importance of emotion regulation—the skills that allow people to effectively cope with painful feelings—and the fact that people can learn more effective strategies for emotion regulation. In Don't Let Your Anxiety Run Your Life, David Klemanski and Joshua Curtiss take the reader step by step through the emerging science of emotion regulation, and illustrate how to apply that knowledge to everyday life.  I heartily recommend this book for anyone who wants to master unwanted anxiety, and I anticipate that a lot of readers are going to find it extremely helpful.”
    —David F. Tolin, PhD, ABPP, author of Face Your Fears

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